Are you considering a home renovation? You might be surprised to find out how much renovations have changed in the last decade! The list below includes some of the most expensive and popular home renovations for 2023.

1. Solar Panels

Ever dreamed of living off-grid but can’t afford the initial costs upfront? Solar panels are an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional power sources, saving you money on your monthly bills while also making your property entirely independent from local power sources. The installation cost is typically anywhere from $700 to $17000, but you can put solar panels on a second home and deduct them for tax purposes.

2. Escape Rooms

In 2023, many homeowners are opting to make their basements into escape rooms. A handful of home renovation companies now offer the option to create realistic experiences for groups of friends that test their wits while also navigating a variety of different puzzles and challenges. The design is simple: owners rent out unused space, then build a series of rooms with hidden passages as well as puzzles. Any person or group who enters the space must solve these challenges by following clues and solving riddles. The rooms must be designed in such a way that the costs for an escape room increase along with the difficulty of the challenges. The average cost of these rooms hovers between $60000 to $150000.

3. Hydronic Heating

Many homeowners are moving from fireplaces to hydronic heating systems as a means to heat their homes in 2023, and you might be surprised by how much more efficient they are. Hydronic heating systems, which boil water with a radiant heater and circulate it throughout your home via a water heater, are relatively cost-effective to operate and are better at distributing heat than fireplaces. The cost varies between $3000 to $15000.

4. Advanced Fire Alarm Systems

Fire alarm systems have been around for years but continue to advance in 2023, with the addition of smoke detectors as well as emergency evacuation protocols. These improvements make the system more affordable for homeowners looking to upgrade their home’s security system. The average cost for a fire alarm system hovers between $3000 to $5000.

5. Virtual Reality

This form of entertainment combines a 3D computer program with real-time images and sound effects, which can be seen through glasses or helmets. The headset allows you to experience multiple different settings as well as any number of corridors, rooms, and even locations all over the world.

7. Cocooned

The retro look of vinyl siding has made a comeback with the rise of the hipster. However, making a home out of just this material is very costly. Therefore, homeowners are now choosing to upgrade their homes with a series of high-end accessories that include insulated windows and doors, radiant floor heaters, and sleek coat racks. The best thing about this trend is that it can be done in a way that preserves the original vinyl siding.

8. Sleep Ecosystem Integration

The sleep ecosystem is a room-temperature mattress with gel-filled pads that are specially designed to keep you warm but not restrict movement. The beds are supported by a series of air tubes, and as you move around in the early morning hours, the air tubes vibrate and push your body composition into the mattress. You can also set the system to automatically retract the air tubes after a specified period and use your phone to set a timer.

9. Organic Indoor Growing Systems

In 2023, organic foods and beverages will be readily available in most major cities, at prices that are cheaper than what you might expect. This is because organic foods are becoming more popular. The main reason for the rise of organic food is the lack of regulations on agricultural practices and the pesticides used to grow food. Also, a growing number of consumers are looking for healthier options and notice that organic foods tend to have fewer pesticides than their conventionally grown counterparts. Growing your food at home with a hydroponic system is an exciting investment for many households.

The Home Renovations That Are Right For You

In conclusion, if you are planning a home renovation in the next few years but have not been able to decide which project to tackle first, be sure to consider some or all of the options above. Home renovation companies will assist you in finding the right contractor for whatever project you are working on so that you can get started as soon as possible.

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