There are many benefits on non-slip floor coatings for the concrete floors in a slippery environment. If you are the owner or the manager of a restaurant, you may be aware of how difficult it is to get all the employees into non-slip shoes. There is always one employee who lags behind everyone else and doesn’t get the shoes until it is too late. Contreat Australia provides you with the best non – slip floor coatings.


Non-slip floor coatings make the standard cement floor much tractable, giving a greater grip on the cement even when it is not dry. With non-slip floor coatings, the accident rate is very low, resulting in a decrease in insurance costs. The reduced costs may be given back to the customer, making the customer happy.

Non-slip floor coatings may save you from a lot of embarrassment. Not only does it make your company a safer working place but it also protects you from any lawsuits due to accidents. You have to take the necessary measures if you want an office space that is free of spills and thrills.

The non-slip concrete floor coatings prevent accidents before they occur. The slip and fall accidents in the workplace caused the American Industries millions every year in litigation, damages and lost work time. Stopping the accident before occurring means no lawsuit and no time off from work because of injuries due to a slip and fall in the workplace.

Other Advantages

Non-slip coatings provide other advantages also. For example, a workplace with safe sure footing develops confidence in workers. This along with their own vigilance gives confidence that they can complete their job without fear of any injury. This increases the productivity of the worker and in turn, benefits the company.

The uplifted morale of the employee is another benefit. Workers are more habitual to adjust with the floor maintenance with a pleasing, easy to clean and attractive floor that they are proud of.

How To Apply?

Once your tiles are installed, you just have to apply the coating. Firstly you need to use the correct cleaners. The cleaners will remove any grease or dirt. from. Then you can proceed with the application of the coating. The coating will completely dry leaving you with perfect tiles. No one could make out that the floor has a non-slip coating over it. Once it has dried completely then you have to clean it again with the anti-slip cleaner, just to be sure that all the grease is removed. The cleaner you choose should be the correct cleaner otherwise it may end up in damaging the flooring. If the correct procedure is followed then you will have a slip-free floor for nearly up to 5 years.


Depending on the particular use of the floor area, washing and routine maintenance is a significant consideration while selecting the type of non-slip floor coating to apply. Some coatings include a very high profile which is very aggressive for mop cleaning. It is a smart move to check with the manufacturer of the coating related to the very best coating solution for you to meet your needs.

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