Does your business currently utilize Windows or MacOS? If so, you could be missing out on the numerous benefits gained from an alternative operating system: Linux. It is likely your business has used Linux in some form already. The reason: it powers many different forms of technology – most notably Android. Yet there are various advantages gained if you decide to base your business operations around Linux.

Many Tools Available

Linux boasts an ample selection of tools that can simplify and improve a wide range of business processes. One tool is a cron job scheduler. Used to schedule tasks at specified times or intervals, cron job scheduling reduces security risks and has shorter resolution times – among other positives. The benefits of this tool can also be enhanced and improved upon when combined with specialist job scheduling software. Cron is just one example. Linux packs in many other tools and solutions to enhance overall business performance.

Added Security & Privacy

As mentioned with cron job schedulers, this helps reduce the potential impact of security risks. Well, this is an aspect that is improved across the board by Linux. It shouldn’t be a surprise this platform packs in advanced security features – the internet is mostly powered by it, after all. Due to the multi-user architecture of the platform, which sees user operations being segmented and restricted, it stops your business users from damaging or modifying anything other than their own files. That ensures you limit the damage that can be done across your company.

High-Performance Standards

Linux supplies a stable, well-integrated, and high-performance environment for your business. This is backed up by the fact that Linux – and the software ecosystem it provides – can function successfully on even older hardware. That means if you are worried about the significant cost of modernizing your company’s desktops and laptops, Linux can offset the requirement to upgrade, something which cannot be said for the likes of Windows and MacOS.

Easy To Use

Linux is complex and only for advanced users. That’s the general misconception about this platform, particularly these days. Linux has been developed and refined so much that the operating system is as easy to use as any other available. There are various graphical desktop environments to choose from, ensuring it best matches up to your needs. You can also select from different software options to turn a business computer into everything from a media center to a fully-fledged workstation.

Helps To Keep The Costs Down

Every company is seeking ways to reduce costs. Switching to Linux is one of the savviest ways to save money. The reason: a license for Linux is free. You don’t have to spend any money to use this operating software or acquire any licenses. Furthermore, a lot of the Linux-based software and distributions can be used free of cost, making it a win-win when keeping costs down. Make the right moves and concessions, and the entire ecosystem can be used across your business for free.

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