Your freight broker’s job is to ensure your cargo gets where it needs to go on time and damage-free. To do this, they must have deep career relationships.

Ask for references during the vetting process to learn about their carrier network. Look for a broker with variety and geographic coverage.

Save Time

EZ freight websites have access to a vast network of carriers and utilize state-of-the-art technology to simplify the shipping process. They can quickly find a suitable carrier, track shipments in real time, and efficiently resolve any issues to ensure the timely delivery of your freight. As a business owner, you don’t have time to call 50 carriers to find one who wants your load and compare pricing. You’re busy running your organization, meeting with clients, and managing expenses.

Freight brokers take the time to search and match you with reliable carriers. They can also leverage backhaul deals to save you money on truckload shipments. And they’ll know when to ship LTL and truckload freight to avoid delays and expedited fees around holidays.

Save Money

When you need to optimize your business or reduce the workload of the fulfillment department to free up more time for other tasks, hiring a freight broker website can save your company money. Freight brokers know how to cut costs by leveraging their business connections and extensive networks for the best rates on your shipping.

For example, suppose your company is dealing with seasonality and needs to scale up quickly. In that case, your freight broker can help you navigate expedited options that will not break the bank while still meeting your customer’s expectations. They can also work with carriers to optimize routes and put procedures in place to minimize damage to cargo during transit. It will reduce costly delays and reroutes for you.

Save Energy

When you work with a freight broker, they take the time to review your requirements and find quicker routes. They also negotiate cheaper rates and minimize specific fees.

A reputable freight broker has extensive networks of dependable carriers. They monitor these carriers regularly to ensure they have the proper licenses, insurance, and permits to transport your cargo safely and reliably.

They are also up to date on the constantly shifting freight industry and can keep you informed about changes that impact pricing, capacity, and other factors. When choosing a freight broker, ask them how long they’ve been in business and how many carrier partners they have. It will help you determine their level of expertise. They may also be able to provide references.

Save Stress

Keeping up with client lists, daily expenses, and compliance concerns can be daunting when running your freight brokerage. It’s even more difficult when you have to spend time vetting carriers, negotiating rates, and booking transportation for every load you take.

Freight brokers understand that you need to get your freight shipped quickly and reliably without the hassle. They have pre-vetted an extensive network of carriers and use powerful shipping tools to streamline the quote process, so you can rest assured that your shipment is in good hands.

Working with a trusted freight broker builds a partnership, and they have your best interests in mind. Their business grows when yours does, so they’ll do everything possible to ensure your shipment gets from A to B with no problems.

Save Time & Money

Freight brokers can save your organization money by eliminating the upfront costs of operating an internal shipping department. Those expenses include licensing, office space, software, and employee wages.

Brokers can also negotiate with carriers on your behalf to get lower prices on freight rates. They do this with their vast carrier network and industry knowledge.

Their expertise is focused solely on transportation so they can ensure your goods arrive where they need to go, damage-free and on time. In addition, they can monitor the fluctuating freight market to obtain the best available rates for your shipping needs. It can result in long-term cost savings and help your business grow. You can also ensure delivery deadlines are met, which will hurt your reputation and cause lost revenue.

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