Creative portrait photography can be divided into multiple subcategories based on what the photographer’s goals are. Some professionals possess a wider range of expertise in portrait photography, while others keep their skills focused only on afew. Let’s look at three different types of creative portrait photography and the functions they each serve.

Musician Portrait Photography

Musician portrait photography involves taking both candid and stagedshots of musicians from multiple anglesacrossa wide range of settings and locations. The portraits are meant to capture the momentary moods, emotions, and expressions of the musicians as they perform on stage, record in studios, jam with other musicians, or practice in private. The headshots are used in everything from album covers and illustrations to social media posts.

For obvious reasons, the top portrait photographers work in cities with the best musical venues, festivals, celebrations, and shows. As Britain’s official music capital, themusician photography Manchesterhas to offer is among the very best in UK. If you are a musician yourself, it’s important that you work with a professional who has a firm grasp on the genre. Mistakes and subpar photography can quite literally hamper your image.

Comedian Portrait Photography

As far as marketing is concerned, portraits serve the same function for comedians, as they do for musicians. The difference is inthe artform itself because comedian portraits are clicked in completely different themes, as compared to musician headshots. For example, most comedy portraitswill have a comic angle with a focus on the kind of comedy that the particular comedian is known for.

If their next show is to include satirical content on a recent topic, their comic portraits will reflect that. Just check out the comedian portraits Manchester photographer Lucy Ridges has on her site for a better understanding. Manchester is not just the music capital, but it’s also one of the top three British cities with the highest number of comedy clubs. Don’t be surprised to find comedy portraits Manchester photographers have taken in comedy clubs across the UK.

Personal Portrait Photography

There are quite a few portrait photography Manchester studios, and they do offer a wide range of creative options.This is largely because the scope for both creativity and business arediverse in this sector. Personal portrait photography may include but is not limited to:

  • Individualportraits in environmental, abstract, glamorous,modernistic, and traditionalistic styles.
  • Individual portraits in popular themes like fashion and fitness.
  • Boudoir portraits inblack & white, light & dark, colour splash, and more.
  • Caricature portraits in dramatic, comic, and hyperbolic styles.
  • Regular individual headshots for photo albums and various applications.

The point to note here is that personal photoshoots are notalways different from the musician orcomedian portraits Manchester shutterbugs have earned a name for. Personalportraitscan be and often are used for commercial reasons as well. For example, fashion, fitness, and boudoir photoshoots are frequently used by social media influencers on Instagram to grow their following. It blurs the line between personal creative photography and promotional photography.

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