Because of the pandemic, many industries innovate their processes and still be productive even when they can’t go out. Schools, universities, and the education industry are industries that have been greatly affected by this mandate. As a result, these institutions have to be creative in continuing their classes while teachers and students are safe in their homes. Hence, implementing online classes through video conferences.

To cope with the system, teachers also need to level up their games. As much as possible, they should keep up with the best ways on how to handle their online classes and use as many online tools as possible to deliver lesson plans and modules early. One of the best file formats that can aid a teacher nowadays is PDF. It’s an image-finish of a document, spreadsheet, or presentation that can be viewed regardless of which device you use to access it.

With online PDF tools, you can learn different functions such as converting from a Word doc or how to merge pdf files in an instant. To learn more about how PDF can be useful to your online teaching, here’s a list of what you can do with online PDF tools.

1. You Can Use It On Your Modules & Lesson Plans

The best way to make sure that your lesson plans and modules are safe and cannot be edited, you can convert your word documents to a PDF before disseminating it to the class. Through this, you can secure the contents of your lesson plans and your students cannot alter it.

Another good use for this is when you need to give them a document reviewer or reading materials. Since PDF is a universal file, the students wouldn’t need to use a computer when reviewing their lessons. They can access it using a smartphone or an iPad. PDF can make sure they are always updated with their studies.

2. You Can Combine All PDF documents

Online PDF tools allow you to merge multiple PDF documents for better archiving and file organization. It’s best when you need to file all the lesson plans you finished for the entire year and make a permanent record on your computer. It’s easier to locate these files as well when you need it in the future, instead of having all related files scattered on your desktop.

You can also use the merge feature when collecting examination or research projects. You can require your students to submit their research papers and homework in PDF format so once they submit it, you can easily combine them in a single document. It will be easier for you to review their works and you can also archive the projects per class.

3. You Can Safely Keep Your Excel Sheets

Since teachers are working remotely nowadays, it’s also expected that their attendance and grade records are in digital form, too. Most likely, you will use a spreadsheet from MS Excel or WPS. When it’s time that you do not need to edit the spreadsheet anymore, and before you send your data for permanent recording, try converting it to PDF, too.

With your sheets converted to PDF, your sensitive records will not be altered. You can also add a “Confidential” watermark to your document upon converting to PDF. In that way, the recipient will have an idea that the file you sent is for their eyes only.

4. You Can Convert Your Slideshows To Reviewable Files

The physical visual aids you use in the classroom, no matter how creative they are, cannot be used in online classes. Most often than not, you will use a slideshow presentation such as PowerPoint to present your lessons to the students. And while we encourage them to take notes and to be attentive during classes, there’s a high chance they will need a copy of the presentation, too.

You can help them with that by converting your PowerPoint presentations to PDF. It will be easier for them to review the files plus they can also access it through their mobile devices.

PDF Tools For Teachers In The New Normal

It’s time to jump on the digital trend as everything is innovating for the new normal with the help of online PDF tools, you can easily and efficiently handle your next class. Check out PDFBear today to learn more about the different PDF features and functions that you can use.

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