Gone are the days when getting a loan from any bank used to be a herculean task, with lots of paperwork, documentation, permissions and substantial waiting time. With the advancement of technology, our banking system has undergone a revolutionary change. In 2012, six large Swedish banks introduced a mobile payment system in Sweden known as Swish. In this system the user’s phone number is linked to their bank account through a smartphone app. This miraculously transfers money in real time with just a few fingers tapping. As soon as the transaction is confirmed by both the receiver and the lender, the money is transferred into the receiver’s account. Initially, Swish was proposed for transactions between individuals, but later was spread over small event or business collections where credit card use was neither practical nor economical. Check sms lån to know more.

Swish Loan Or Swish fund

Swish loan is a flexible source of short-term business loan, which provides opportunities to UK registered limited companies to improve their financial health at a very fast pace. It was basically a lending system set up by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. All types of businesses use Swish loan to compensate for the temporary cash flow which can otherwise adversely affect their business profit and revenues. In the present scenario, all sorts of companies are benefiting, be it retail, hospitality, tech companies, media or start-ups.

Loan Amount & Term

Usually, you can borrow any small amount or large amount up to £1M over a term of 3-12 months. Some lenders even offer more than £10M with customised repayment terms.

Cash Flow Generation

Cash flow plays a pivotal role in any business or industry. Look for a firm which makes a loan offer based on the overall performance of your business over the last year. Also look for the eligibility criteria – the minimal the better. If your cash flow is good then you will find no hassle in getting a Swish loan. Even if there is a downfall in your cash flow, you can find lenders which are ready to offer you a Swish loan based upon your business’s past performance.

Freedom To Grow Business

Swiss loan provides easy access to flexible funding, which, in turn, gives you the liberty to grow your business at the pace you desire independent of your cashflow status.

Hassle-Free Borrowing

In this fast-moving age of the start-up, if your company requires short to mid-term loans quickly, without any hassle, then you don’t have an option better than a Swiss loan. Once approved, the money can be in your account in just a few business hours.

Better Than Government Funding

Unlike the government owned fund houses, which imposes lots of pre-conditions for loan approval, the Swish loan relies on liberal and friendly approach. It acts as a support when your best interests are at stake in your business. Swish loan looks at operating performance and sets minimal pre approval conditions.

Having discussed all the key points of Swiss loan, now you can safely conclude that Swish loan is the loan of the future.

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