Back in the clubhouse following a round of golf, you try to enjoy your drinks while eating humble pie. You beat your opponent, a business friend, easy enough, but it was the tale that he told you about one of your rivals in the construction industry that has got you gritting your teeth while putting on a fake smile.

Your outfit completed a job, but made a bit of a mess of it, by not having the right machinery at your disposal. Meanwhile, the prestige of one of your challengers in the trade has been given a huge boost after his purchase of an articulated dump truck.

He knew that he had purchased a reliable vehicle that would last his company for years to come, having chosen a piece of machinery from the leading name in land motorised equipment. He made the smart choice of going to a dealer with a presence in Australia since 2012 and a history going back to 1968, which ensures consistency and a guarantee of satisfaction.

The first impressions when his team arrived on site were positive, with the word being spread among the tradesman’s grapevine. The dump truck proved to be the perfect accessory when pressed into action in transporting loose materials around or away from the construction site reliably without any snags. Perhaps the boss had looked into ways to enhance his construction business?

By purchasing an articulated dump truck, your competitor knew that it would have a frame that would not twist, rather than the rigid frame dump truck, which you bought and have been faced with costly repairs after it twisted. You wasted time and spent money on expensive repairs, whereas an articulated model comes with tractor-trailer combinations which allow the body and tractor units to flex separately to ensure protection.

Confined spaces proved to be no problem for the team stealing a march on your outfit, as their articulated truck, negotiated the land with no problems with its ability to carry out a tight turning circle. The surfaces that they encountered were also easily dealt with, as undulating land, rocks and mud were easily overcome.

You heard further feedback from the slightly grumpy driver you employ. He has previously been a jolly type, but he got talking to his compatriot who was thoroughly enjoying taking control of his new vehicle. He said it had a larger cab than other models and it came with a heated seat, air conditioning, and a comfortable ride-suspension system. To be fair, who wouldn’t enjoy working in such an environment, and you can understand why your man is a bit down in the mouth. You tried to placate him with a special thank you.

Next time you will make sure that you speak to experts before investing in machinery and equipment for your company. An articulated dump truck ensures that any team in the construction industry will have a vehicle which is robust and will not twist. Corners and terrain are irrelevant to the beast of dump trucks.

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