In a house the single most expensive room to remodel is a kitchen, even painting the cabinets and walls, replacing the hardware, the sink, faucet, adding pendant lighting, and upgrading the Electricals may cost $ 5000 or even more than that. If you think to rearrange the layout, Knockdown the walls, purchase new appliances, countertops, and cabinets, and the cost of your kitchen remodeling Washington DC may cost $ 40,000 or $ 50000 or can cost you more. So before you plan to hire a professional like Boss Design Center or to tackle the job yourself, read the smart tips to get the kitchen you want that fits within your budget.

Paint & Save On Cabinets

30% to 40% of the kitchen remodel costs account for new cabinets. So if you are ok with the functionality and location of the old cabinets but their appearance is dark or dull, you can get them repainted instead of getting them replaced. It is a labor-intensive but easy DIY project and affordable for you. Even if you hire a painter it will cost you a fraction of new cabinets.

Get A Quality Faucet

In terms of the faucets, you should go for quality and convenience because the faucet is the hardest part of the kitchen. If the sink in your kitchen is in front of a window, check the faucet and handle clearances so that it fits. To choose a sink to match with that, a simple Sink is the best choice. Go for a single basin, and it should not be deeper than 10 inches so that you do not have to stoop to do the dishes.

Prepare Before Painting

If you are painting it yourself or if you want to keep a check on the painter, the below tips will help you.

The shine of the finish impacts the convenience to clean, for semi-gloss on all the trim, Satin for cabinets, and eggshell for the walls.

Prepare before you pick up a paintbrush – No paint or primer will cover cracked walls or nail holes in trim, Cover the uneven spots, fill up the nail holes, and if you have hired a professional team, ask the contractor to clarify who will do that work.

Get your kitchen cabinets painted and backsplash on the walls before, to reduce the labor costs.

Keep Functionality In Mind

Just find out the section of the wall between the cabinets and the countertop as Canvas to express your personality. You can give a traditional look by Subway tiles, let them vertically or in a herringbone pattern. There are a lot of other options such as metal, stone, glass, embossed ceramic, and many other tiles and non-tile options. Go for something that shows your taste but is also appealing and easy to maintain.

Go For Wood-look Flooring

Wood provides traditional natural beauty but also scratches, dents, and wear under kitchen conditions. Porcelain tile which is easy to clean is available in a wide range of designs involving convincing stone and wood look, but if things fall on porcelain will break. So better to consider a softer alternative like luxury vinyl and laminate flooring which is soft and durable and is available in a number of wood looks that many people think to be real.


Once you have decided on a wish list for your kitchen, you need to set a budget and stick to it. For the estimate of the remodel, based on the scope and average pricing you need extra cash to finance your kitchen remodeling, you can go for the personal loan which is a quick and simple option. So getting your kitchen remodeled is not as easy as you think, so try to cut the cost as much as possible to stay within your budget.

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