There are several online platforms that offer free Robux, a kind of virtual currency, to its users. Of course, it is thrilling for Roblox game lovers not to spend a buck and attain Robux. Do you want a free Robux? Here’s, a United-States-based website that claims to provide free and verified Robux. Let’s learn how to obtain free Robux from Robux Global.  

What Is is a new emerging US-based platform that offers verified Robux for free to aid them play Roblox games online. Robux is a virtual currency that lets you purchase numerous in-game items, for e.g., skin, hats, clothes, props, etc., which can be used to modify your online avatar in Roblox games.   

How To Get Free Robux?  

The site claims that you can obtain free verified Robux via their newly launched website. Enter your Roblox username in their verified site and complete a human verification process. Once you’re done, you’ll get it.  

Number Of Robux You Can Get  

The number of Robux you can obtain via are:

  • 400  
  • 800  
  • 1700  
  • 4500  
  • 10,000  

Is Legit? offers free virtual currency or Robux to its users, which helps them to purchase certain items like clothes, props, etc., to modify their avatar in the Roblox game. You can earn from 400 to 10,000 verified Robux. Just visit their official site, and enter your username. You’ll be required to enter your username to obtain free virtual currency. It also asks you to install some apps and also play videos in the process, especially if you are a new user. Though the site is claimed to be original, being new adds suspicion.   

Pros Of

  • It offers verified virtual currency.  
  • It’s completely free of cost.  
  • Depending on your need, you can get 400, 800, 1700, 4500, and even 10,000 free Robux.  

Cons Of

  • It needs its users to install and run numerous apps, and all of them need not be from the same source, so you need to be conscious while using it. It is risky to add any unknown element to your gadget.   
  • is a newly emerging website, so it seems a little suspicious.  
  • It has very few reviews on its official website.  

Conclusion is a US-based online platform that offers free Robux to its users. Robux is a kind of virtual currency that you can use to enhance or modify your avatar. It can buy you several virtual commodities like clothes, props, shoes, etc. The site claims to offer verified and free Robux that too in the range of 400 to 10,000, depending upon how many you want. Just visit the official website of Robux Global, that is,, and enter your Roblox username. You need to go through a human verification process afterward, and there you go. But the catch is that it requires you to install some linked apps and play some prescribed videos to get your free Robux. It makes it suspicious and risky to use. Also, the domain being new, you need to be very careful while grabbing your free virtual currency.   

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