The terms are varied but familiar. “Having the inside track,” “Being in the know,” “Part of the in-crowd,” and so on. That’s what we often describe folks who seem to have an advantage that isn’t obviously available to everyone else. More importantly, that advantage seems to always help them win or come out ahead of the pack more often than not. It’s not a perfect system; they do lose once in a while. However, their win ratio is far better than most others, and while most tend to break even, these people are the winners everyone looks at and then tries to emulate.

The Secret Isn’t A Secret

Interestingly, in the investment world, those who match the description above, aren’t using anything super-secret. In fact, doing so, better known as insider trading, is illegal and would get someone put in prison. Instead, these folks have built up their knowledge and experience through learning, trial and error, a tremendous amount of practice in a trading role, and being really good at interpreting the information they see about the market. The result is an ability to spot gems in the rough, those opportunities that the majority miss but are available, and these people take advantage of that edge in their trading.

Getting Access To The “Inside Track”

Most times, such traders work for companies, clients, and paid portfolios. So, their experience and knowledge don’t reach very far. It serves clients and themselves very well, but the mass majority of individual investors are shut out from the party, so to speak. However, there are exceptions; one of those is Ian King. With his newsletter and publication under Strategic Fortunes, King provides readers a direct access to the intimate knowledge an experienced trader enjoys from years of applying the same to the market in real-time, fast-moving scenarios.

Strategic Fortunes provides a customer with a multi-approach towards investing smart, both for short-term opportunities and long-term stability and value growth. Fundamentally, both contribute to a person’s financial success. The realization of full financial independence isn’t a momentary win here or there; it’s a long-term ability to live and function without having to financially compromise with anyone else.

The first element involves trend inflection spotting. These key points are identified as the asset and timing that can make a big difference for a new investment position taken just right. Most people outside the curve refer to these kinds of wins as “timing the market.” However, there is no such gambling involved; instead, with Strategic Fortunes, a reader gets to understand why a trend is manifesting, where it will likely go, and why it represents a genuine investment opportunity versus a money trap. The root is some kind of catalyst that creates a game-changer or market disruption. Common examples include Google’s search engine, or the broad-based invention of the cell phone for consumers.

The second element involves deep-dive research on specific unique edge factors, dubbed “X-factors,” in Strategic Fortunes. These are the hidden gems that most others miss because they are just looking at charts and following the crowd in lemming fashion. Instead, Ian King provides readers with an in-depth understanding of why a particular company has the advantage over its competitors and what those implications are for the overall market they operate in.

Judged By Others’ Experiences

Ian King has an extensive reputation, but the value of his publications speak for itself. Strategic Fortunes review comments consistently reflect on how King’s advice and guidance have been life-changing for customers and readers again and again. Additionally, they give vivid examples of real-life folks with real financial challenges realizing how to get above the weeds and seeing where they are really going for financial value creation and retirement stability. One could argue that the same Strategic Fortunes review examples are just shilling, but then how does the criticism explain the longevity of the resource in terms of benefiting folks again and again and again? The proof is in the consistent delivery that Ian King provides his readers, transferring his own marketing trading experience built on years of portfolio management to real main street investors across America. And they are responding in kind with every success and every financial ball knocked out of the park.

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