In the digital age, online shopping has become increasingly popular, but with it comes the risk of encountering fraudulent products and deceptive marketing practices. Restofinisher, a wood finisher claiming to restore faded lacquer, shellac, and varnish finishes, has recently come under scrutiny for its dubious claims and questionable business practices. In this Restofinisher reviews, we aim to shed light on the inconsistencies surrounding the Restofinisher scam. Let’s reveal whether it is a scam or does it truly live up to its promises.

Is Restofinisher Scam Or Legit Furniture Restorer?

Restofinisher, as advertised on their website (, asserts that their product can effectively rejuvenate wood furniture, bringing back its original color and luster. However, upon closer inspection, several red flags emerge:

  1. Misleading Product: Numerous customers have reported that is not what it claims to be. Instead of a miraculous wood finish restorer, they received what appears to be ordinary olive oil in a bottle labeled “Wood Finish Restorer.” The product lacks essential information such as an ingredient list, UPC code, manufacturer name, address, or usage instructions. Moreover, it is simply marked as “Made in China.” This discrepancy raises questions about the authenticity and quality of the product.
  2. False Shipping Origin: Restofinisher’s website states that the product ships from the United States. However, investigations reveal that it actually originates from China, which contradicts their advertised location. This misrepresentation of shipping origin can mislead customers about delivery times and potential import fees.
  3. Safety Concerns: Restofinisher has been found to contain ingredients that can cause eye irritation and discomfort, and it is also inflammable. These safety concerns are critical for customers who expect a non-toxic and safe wood finish restorer.
  4. Imitation of a Well-Known Product: Restofinisher’s name closely resembles “Restor A Finish,” a reputable wood restoration product that has been in the market for some time. This imitation may confuse customers and lead them to believe they are purchasing a trusted brand.

Does Really Restore Wood & Cabinets?

There is substantial doubt about the product’s efficacy. Our investigation revealed the following:

  1. Lack of Results: After ordering and using Restofinisher, we were left thoroughly disappointed. The absence of an ingredient label or any reference to it being Restofinisher raised immediate concerns about transparency. Furthermore, the product failed to deliver on its promise to restore wood and cabinets. Instead, it left surfaces looking oily, with no discernible improvement in their appearance.
  2. Scripted Reviews: The positive Restofinisher reviews displayed on appear to be scripted and untrustworthy. These reviews may be intended to deceive potential buyers into believing that the product is more effective than it actually is.

Conclusion: Is Restofinisher Scam?

Restofinisher raises significant doubts about its legitimacy as a wood finish restorer. Customers have reported receiving a product that does not match its advertised claims and that fails to produce the desired results. The lack of transparency regarding the product’s ingredients and origin further adds to its questionable reputation. Given these concerns, we strongly advise against purchasing Restofinisher. Instead, consumers should consider reputable wood restoration products with a proven track record to ensure their furniture and cabinets receive the care they deserve. Your safety and satisfaction should always be a top priority when making online purchases.

FAQs – Restofinisher Wood Finisher Reviews

  1. Is Restofinisher Legit?

There are doubts about Restofinisher’s legitimacy due to reports of receiving an olive oil-like substance instead of the advertised wood finish restorer. Transparency issues and a misleading shipping origin further raise concerns.

  1. Can I Trust the Reviews on Restofinisher’s Website?

The credibility of the positive reviews on is questionable, with indications of scripted content. Exercise caution when relying solely on these reviews.

  1. What Are Reliable Alternatives for Wood Restoration?

Consider established brands like “Restor A Finish” for wood restoration, as uncertainties surround Restofinisher. Research and unbiased reviews can guide your choice.

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