ED is a disorder that may make you shatter your confidence and morally discouraging. But fortunately, your ED disorder can be cured and kept under check. There are some basic precautionary measures that you can take to keep your sexual health in order. There is also Fildena 100 for ED treatment that is very good medicine for ED treatment.

1. Don’t Drink & Smoke

Drinking and smoking cause not only damage to the respiratory system but also your sexual life. Generally these days it is one of the major factors behind ED. Many patients suffering from ED complain of a lack of sexual drive and feelings of having sex. It is mainly due to their excessive addiction to alcohol and smoking cigarettes.

Alcohol is a natural depressant and makes your body stressed. Over a long time, such men will have less sexual feelings studies have shown. While alcohol has more of a psychological effect, smoking cigarettes is more physically related to your ED in the following way.

When you smoke too many cigarettes it hampers your normal erections in two ways. Firstly, it affects your heart and causes heart diseases. It reduces the blood pumping capacity of the heart. The cardiac muscles become weaker resulting in less blood pumped to the penis.

In the second method, the nicotine present in cigarettes makes a layer inside the blood vessels thus reducing their blood carrying capacity. This is because the cross-sectional area of the blood vessels decreases overall. This reduces the blood flow to the penis and causes erection problems.

So it is highly recommended that you reduce your smoking and alcohol addiction to better your sexual health and get better erections.

2. Maintain A Healthy Diet

Having a healthy diet is a must for getting harder erections. It also keeps other disorders in check. In food items the avoid any food item that is very rich and has a high amount of butter, ghee, and oil.

Here are some of the food items that will help you to keep your ED in check. Scientists have particularly shown that apple and carrots are very good for your prostate and penis health. Spinach is a good food item for boosting testosterone levels in your body.

Coffee is known to improve your sexual desires, avocados are good for increasing your libido, red chilies are also good for increasing testosterone hormone. Oats are very helpful for reaching orgasm. Tomato also prevents the chance of prostate cancer and is considered a sexually healthy food.

3. Do Yoga And Exercises

First, let’s discuss the exercises that will keep our ED in check. One of the best exercises known is is the kegel exercises. It is a type of pelvic exercise that keeps your pelvic muscles and the blood flow in order. Mainly the kegel exercises strengthen your bulbocavernosus muscle. This muscle helps the penis to enlarge during an erection.

Scientists have also shown that aerobic exercises can keep ED in check. ED is a problem that may crop up due to various diseases like cardiac diseases, obesity, diabetes, and doing aerobic exercises that can keep our heart healthy.

Yoga exercises can also be highly beneficial for ED treatment. Various yoga exercises can be done such as the paschimottanasana, kumbhakasana, uttanapadasana, naukasana, and dhanurasana, etc. Take the help of YouTube to do these exercises if you are beginning.

The best thing about both kegel exercises and yoga is that it can be done with Cenforce 150Mg and Fildena 100 for ED treatment. They do not have any side effects on one another.

4. Take Your Medicines Regularly

Medicines are only a temporary way to cure your erections. But due to the low cost of treatment, it is used worldwide. It is the most used form of treatment that the patients of ED generally prefer. One of the best drugs available in the market is Fildena. You can use Fildena 100 for ED treatment. Fildena 100 is the standard dosage of Fildena although it is available in both lighter and heavier dosages.

Fildena 100, one of the generic medicines that are available online for the treatment of the same, is the best-recommended drug for the treatment of ED. It is better that you ask your doctor about the correct dosage and uses the medicine as recommended by the doctor.

5. Do Not Take The Stress

This is one of the things to avoid. Stress can be very harmful and make you sexually inactive. It gradually gives rise to a variety of psychological problems such as panic, fear, and depression. It also affects night sleep and causes insomnia. All these are very harmful to our heart and brain and increase your stress too.

To make yourself stress-free you can exercise, do yoga pranayamas and do some meditation. Also, make sure that night sleep is not hampered. You need to have at least 7 hours of sleep for detoxifying your body.

The above guides are the most recommended things that you must do for your ED treatment. However, it is not that you are going to miss or skip your drugs by any means.

Checking your food habits, checking your lifestyle, your way of taking the stress and also balancing between your works and rests are some of the major regular life practices that are going to protect you from ED, but the basic thing here is your drug, As you will be continuing with your drugs, there will surely be some of the best cures that you can opt for.

There is Ayurveda at your support. There are different therapies and relaxation techniques to give you a stress-free life and there are endless recommendations that you will come across. The primary thing here is the communication with your PCP and the next thing is to follow the guidelines as has been stated by your doctor.

To be very much clear about ED, there can be different stances of the disease and hence your doctor is the best person to give you some effective recommendation, as he will be testing you through those.

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