The kitchen might be the heart of the home, but the dining room can be the place where everyone comes together to enjoy what the kitchen makes. This is your formal entertaining space, where you gather to share food with friends and family, and it deserves to be the best it can possibly be. Here are some of the things to think about when trying to redesign your dining room, and how it can affect your home design overall.

Start With The Décor

Though you might be tempted to start with the dining table itself, as it might be the centrepiece of the room, you should always think about the décor of the room in terms of the walls and floors first. While you can always theme your dining room, it can often be best to keep it as timeless as possible, so it does not date too quickly.

Neutral colours could aid you well here. Also, grey flooring can be a fantastic choice here as it can match any other materials you bring into the room. Whether you have a table made from wood, metal, stone, or more, grey flooring will match with it to work towards creating a more cohesive space. Never underestimate the impact flooring will have on the room as a whole.

When it comes to the walls, think about some of the colours that you use in other rooms. Trying the dining room into the colour schemes used in your sitting room or kitchen will really help to create a flow between all of these living spaces.

A Good Choice For Tables & Chairs

The heart of the dining room will be your table and chairs. Ideally, you do not want to pick ones that overpower the space as they can make the room feel very cluttered. If you are one for hosting large dinner parties, you don’t want to end up knocking elbows with the people on either side of you. Choosing a dining table that is big enough both for your everyday needs and for larger entertaining purposes is vital.

You should also put some careful thought into your chairs. If you choose ones that have arms, you are not going to be able to squeeze as many people around the table. Benches can be a great choice and can fit neatly under the table when not in use. However, they are not the most comfortable to sit on, especially for long periods of time.

Though it can be difficult to track down precisely what you want, you do need to make sure that your tables and chairs are practical. If they look great but don’t fit your needs, you might not want to use the dining room as a whole.

All In The Details

Since dining rooms might not be used as frequently as kitchens or sitting rooms, they might not have as many of the finishing touches that help to make this a real corner or your home. Take the effort to add some of them in. It can be simple touches such as adding artwork or photos.

Don’t forget about your tableware too! This is your formal entertaining space, so you should try to find some beautiful plates and glassware that complement the rest of your décor. Try to make this a space that looks beautiful and that you want to spend time in.

Your dining room might be a room that you do not give much thought to, but you should try to change this! With the right décor – whether that is grey flooring, patterned wallpaper, a marble table or anything else you might fancy – you can create a space that you are happy to entertain in.

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