Over the past few decades one of the most conventional light fixtures introduced for general lighting were recessed lights, Although recessed lighting Canada is widely referred to as pot lights. They got the name from the shape of their housing which is more like a tiny pot carrying all the components inside it.

The word recessed implies its installation as these light fixtures recess inside the ceiling. These are quite discreet light fixtures which fill the room with proper lighting and have a very sleek design profile. These general ceiling light fixtures are widely appreciated in all indoor spaces with low ceiling heights. (For product line and related accessories click here)

Reasons To Use Recessed Lights

General lighting is one basic form of lighting which covers general aspects of illumination across a room. The goal is to provide light to every inch and corner of the room. There is quite a variety of fixtures available in the market when it comes to general lighting but when it is about creating certain aspects of lighting within layers single handedly, only a few fixtures comply.

Recessed lights are one of the most stylish and versatile light fixtures which not just illuminate but also provide the most transformative user friendly experience when it comes to refurbishing a place.

There are several reasons why recessed lighting is the best way to refurbish any interior, few of them are:

1. More Overhead Space

Recessed light fixtures are an excellent choice of fixtures when it comes to small ceiling rooms. These lights are available in 2-6inches sizing suited for installation in any zone within or across the room. Since these fixtures sit inside the ceiling and the light from the fixture is directed downwards or outward. In this way they create a lot of overhead space in the room and make it appear bigger.

2. Safer Than Hanging Lights

These lights fixtures are conventionally safer than most hanging light fixtures as they stay intact and minimise the risk of any damage to the ceiling, fixture or environment. The housing is safety rated for use in various kinds of ceiling types and designs.

3. Operable On Cut Down Voltage

One of the many reasons why recessed lighting is an excellent choice when it comes to upgrading any room’s look is that they are operable on a different voltage than usual. They can easily be merged within a room operating on the normal house voltage lines with a cut down voltage line. In most cases, a cut down voltage line is essentially used to create a dimmed light layer for ambiance.

4. Allow Layering Of Light

There are three essential layers of lighting:

  1. General lighting
  2. Accent lighting
  3. Task lighting

Recessed lights can create all three layers of light without using any extra light fixture. The structure of recessed lights provides integrity to the fixture as well as the ability to produce different light layers.

The essential parts of a recessed light fixture are:

1. Housing

The housing of a recessed light fixture provides home to all the electrical and optical components. It is safety rated for different ceiling designs and protects the fixture as well as the ceiling. Mostly categorised as IC rated vs NON- IC rated; these housings are available in retrofit designs to replace old fixtures, new construction housing for newly constructed ceilings, remodel housings for refurbished ceilings, sloped ceiling housings for contemporary architecture, etc.

The housings are usually rated to efficiently dissipate heat produced by the fixture and are designed with respect to area codes or regulations for safety and efficiency.

2. Trim

The trim is another quite important feature of a recessed light fixture. The trim essentially directs the light out of the fixture. Since these light fixtures sit inside a ceiling and project light downwards they got the name downlights. But the trim designs allow creating several light tricks without harming the integrity of the fixture.

Few of the trim designs are:

  1. Baffle trim
  2. Open trim
  3. Eyeball trim
  4. Gimbal trim
  5. Wall wash trim
  6. Shower trim

All these trim explicitly allow the light to be directed in several directions and create aesthetically pleasing light effects within a room.

3. Bulb

The bulb for recessed lights is usually halogen or incandescent as they are quite bright. Brighter light is a necessity for recessed lights as they don’t have an open profile and the trim allows the uniformly directed spread of light.

Recently LED lamps are highly favoured for use in recessed light fixtures as they are more reliable in terms of efficient function, durability and energy savings.

Advantages Of Using LED Recessed Lights 

LED recessed lights allow more room for integration of light within indoor spaces. They are quite eco-friendly and promise an array of benefits when it comes to safe lighting techniques with effective illumination. Few of the advantages of using LED recessed lights are:

1. Higher Lumen Output

LED recessed lights provide a higher lumen output. Lumens is a measure of brightness, more lumens means higher levels of brightness. The light from these lamps is uniform, bright and glare free which means it does not cause any eye strain or headaches which is quite relative to most light options.

2. Higher Efficiency

The efficiency of any light fixture is measured by its ability to reduce energy usage and produce effective illumination. LEDs are the most efficient lighting option there is because they operate at lower wattage and give enhanced and effective lumen levels. Whereas, most traditional lamps have higher wattage consumption to produce effective brightness levels.

3. Low Maintenance & Electricity Costs

The maintenance and electricity costs are highly reduced with the use of LED recessed lights. It is easier to depict as these lamps last for up to several years during which they barely require any maintenance or replacement unless severely damaged. They have a lifespan of up to 5-7 years with normal usage of up to 8 hours.

The costs are directly impacted due to this feature and it rids the consumer off extra labour and replacement costs. These lamps are the most sustainable option available and live up to their hype.

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