The La Liga powerhouse, Real Madrid announced on November 17 that they will be opening a theme park in Dubai in 2023. To learn more, keep reading!

Real Madrid: The Team & The Legend

It’s safe to say that most people are familiar with Real Madrid, one of the most well-known football teams in the world. However, for those who are new to the sport, it’s worth discussing why a football team like Real Madrid would have a theme park.

Real Madrid Club de Futbol is one of the most popular teams in the world, and it is based in Madrid, Spain. As of 2022, the club has a projected value of $5.1 billion, making it the most valuable football club in the world. The club’s yearly income in 2021 was €640.7 million, making it the second highest-earning football club in the world.

Real Madrid has many lengthy rivalries, the most famous being El Clásico with Barcelona and El Derbi Madrileo with Atlético Madrid. Real Madrid is one of the three founding members of La Liga that have never been demoted from the top division since its founding in 1929 (the others being Athletic Bilbao and Barcelona).

It’s easy to see why any football enthusiast would be interested in visiting a theme park dedicated to a team with such a longstanding history and so many victories under its belt.

The Official Declaration

The club announced in a press statement dated November 17, 2022, that it has signed a deal with Dubai Parks and Resorts to open the region’s first Real Madrid theme park. All generations of football and sports lovers, as well as their families, will be able to enjoy this cutting-edge new way to learn about the history and traditions of the best football team in the world.

Dubai Holding Entertainment CEO Fernando Eiroa remarked that they are really happy that Real Madrid has selected Dubai Parks and Resorts as its collaborator in their mission to bring the greatest worldwide entertainment brand to the Arab world. They have an unrivaled history of success and millions of devoted followers from all over the world.

There will be a grand opening for the theme park in the last three months of 2023, the statement said.

Why Choose Dubai?

One of the most likely reasons for which the club would choose to open a theme park in Dubai is that the team has a huge fan base in the Arab region. Arab football enthusiasts are attracted to the team’s eye-catching play style, the star-studded line-up, which usually includes a who’s-who of the football world, and, last but definitely not least, their many successes on the field.

Their winning strategy and many victories are also probably the reason why so many Arab football enthusiasts enjoy betting on Real Madrid’s matches on popular sites like, where they can get great odds and have some safe fun.

The news occurred just three days before the commencement of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, which might be another factor in the team’s decision to host the theme park in Dubai, at least for the time being. Even though the event took place in Qatar and over a million fans are said to have visited the city of Doha, most fans are said to have stayed in Dubai and other places. This will surely increase interest in the story around the world and bring in even more visitors.

What Will Be Included In The Park? 

The park will cater to visitors of all ages with its assortment of Real Madrid-themed shops, games, rides, and a museum showcasing the club’s 14 European Cup victories and rich history.

According to the statement released by the club, there will be a variety of interactive experiences and new attractions for fans to enjoy, all of which will be infused with the same spirit, fervor, and excellence that have made Real Madrid the best football club of the 20th century.

Arabian Business says that over the next few months, more information about the roller coasters, events, and other attractions will be made public.

The Notion Isn’t Completely New

Nearly a decade has passed since the concept of a Real Madrid theme park in the Middle East first surfaced. Bloomberg reported in 2013 that Real Madrid scrapped plans for a $1 billion UAE resort that would have included a stadium, marina, and residential buildings. The very next year, plans for an Abu Dhabi theme park were suggested but never materialized.

Here’s hoping that this time the idea sticks, and we’ll actually get to see an amazing theme park dedicated to one of the world’s best football teams.

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