This guide is for you if you are wondering why you choose EV over a gas car. Electric vehicles offer many benefits, but they also have some downsides as any other conventional gasoline-powered cars. That is why the biggest questions regarding electric vehicles today are whether they are worth the hype and what to expect from buying an all-electric vehicle (AEV) or plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV). Let’s explore the answers below:

Benefits Of Electric Cars

No Gas Required

As you can guess, electric cars do not need gas to ride. They are designed to be fully charged using electricity, meaning you don’t need to pay for gas repeatedly. It is one of the key benefits since driving a gas-powered car can burn a hole in your pocket as prices on gas are growing every day.

More Convenient

Electric cars are more convenient since they are easy to recharge. And the best part about driving an EV is that you don’t need to run to the fuel station to recharge your car before hitting the road since a normal household socket can be used to charge your electric car.


Electric cars can be fueled for very low prices. They are much cheaper to charge than gas-powered cars. Although inner investment is higher than with gas cars, electric vehicles can greatly save you money.

No Emissions

One of the greatest benefits of choosing an electric vehicle is its green credential. Electric cars are 100 per cent eco-friendly since they require only electricity to be powered and don’t produce emissions.

Therefore, these cars do not emit toxic gasses or smoke into the environment as it uses clean energy sources. Fully electric cars are also better than hybrids running on gas that produce emissions.

Disadvantages Of An Electric Car

Recharge Points

One of the biggest issues with owning an electric car is the lack of charging stations. Since they have been launched recently and the adoption rate was low for so long, the charging infrastructure still requires time to be fully equipped. Luckily, the market is growing and offers the best car charging app UK so users can find nearby stations and use their phones to fill the tank quickly.

Longer Recharge Time

While you need just a few minutes to charge your gas car, it can take about 4-6 hours and sometimes even a day to get your electric vehicle fully charged. That is why you need to find dedicated EV charging points, as the time you need to recharge the car is quite long.

Electricity Isn’t Free

Even though EV charging costs less than gas cars, electricity isn’t free. Electric cars have three charging levels that differ in speed and miles they offer. They also differ in costs dramatically. If you haven’t done the research on the car you are looking for, it is best to check what prices on the charge they usually require.

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