Westernization and globalization have impacted lives in multiple ways. On one side, we rely on food delivery apps for our meals, whereas on the other, all the gyms are equipped and crowded. It is ironic, right?. I’ve literally seen people using elevators instead of stairs to reach the gym. Leading technologies have quickened lives, and as a result, we all have become impatient. The gym is not enough, but fitness centers themselves are delivering supplements to fasten the process.

One big confusion of the era is whether these supplements are safe to use or not. There’s a range of such fitness supplements being marketed and advertised. One of which is being criticized by people a lot nowadays. Plenity reviews are full of hate. 

Let’s know all about it.

What Is Plenity?

Plenity is an FDA-approved weight loss supplement. It is loved by most of its users and named as a “miracle solution.” The supplement is a pill that aids weight loss in its consumers. Plenity claims to cause quick and easy weight loss without any exercise or diet.

Plenity is a product of Gelesis, which revealed that the body that attains these pills loses weight by increasing satiety. As a result, the pills make your body feel fuller even when it is not, and as a consequence, you eat less and lose excess weight. 

It has gone under various clinical trials and tests before launch. The target audience of Plenity is obese people with a BMI of more than 25 who are at the urge of acquiring heart diseases and other health complications.

Ingredients Of Plenity Supplements

Plenity is composed of only two ingredients: cellulose and citric acid. Cellulose helps in weight loss, whereas citric acid acts as a preservative and enhances the flavor of the pills. Every Plenity pill has thousands of cellulose mixed with citric acid particles, called ‘Hydrogel’.

Cellulose is a natural, soluble fiber that is non-digestible and passes through the gut straight. It absorbs water and gets swelled up, reaching the large intestine. Hence intestine stretches, directing the brain that you are full. You eat less after this, causing weight loss.

Citric acid is a weak natural acid and has no relevance with weight loss. 

Target Audience Of Plenity

Plenity pills are made majorly for extremely obese people with a BMI of more than 25. Those who can’t exercise due to excessive body and fat gain. Plenity pills will make them feel satiety resulting in weight loss so that their condition will improve to exercise further on. 

Working Of Plenity Pills

When you consume the Plenity pill, the cellulose in it absorbs water and swells up in your large intestine. It then gets mixed with the food you ate before forming thick sludge resulting in a stretched intestine. It then signals your brain that the stomach is full. Hence, it affects your regular calorie consumption and reduces your diet. 

Cost Of Plenity Pills

The monthly supply of Plenity pills costs $98. A 12-week supply can raise your expense by $249. Though being cheaper than some weight loss supplements like Phentermine or Adipex-P, yet it is costly for those who want to consume it for the long term. And, of course, such weight loss supplements need to be taken for a fixed period.

Plenity Reviews

Gelesis has claimed so much and now let’s see what the people’s plenity reviews are.There’s a sudden gush in the plenity reviews. So let’s know what plenity users think about the pills.

  • The ingredients of Plenity can lead to adverse health consequences.
  • The way Plenity works isn’t right.
  • Excessive intake of citric acid can be harmful.
  • The pills are more focused on only one dimension: appetite suppression.
  • It’s for only those with BMI exceeding 25 and not for those with less fat.
  • You can regain weight once you stop consuming these pills.
  • Plenity pills are expensive and cost around $98 for a month.
  • You can’t consume it without a prescription from a licensed medical practitioner.
  • Their consumption may lead to gastric disorders.
  • Other weight loss pills have organic ingredients and function better, like PhenQ, Leanbean, PhenGold, etc. These are natural and can be consumed without any prescription.

Keep in mind that Plenity is a weight loss supplement. Being accredited by the FDA doesn’t make it any other. You need a medical prescription before its consumption. Be careful to get examined under licensed medical practitioners, and also, Plenity supplements aren’t accessible everywhere.

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