Aegis Laboratories have its multiple presences spread throughout the United States and across the globe. They have a patient portal that has been offering high-quality medical services for the last 23 years. Aegis Laboratories launched the patient portal with the motive of reaching out to its virtual patients. 

Let’s examine the working of the patient portal of Aegis Labs and how it aids its patients virtually.

Patient Portal Aegislabs

It is a web portal that reaches out, treats and aids its patients virtually. It is a highly designed web portal that acts as an artificial online clinical laboratory where patients are monitored and managed by an appointed team of medical specialists.

It works based on various prevention plans and virtual doctor appointments. The team of doctors has expertise in almost every type of diagnosis. 

The name of the web portal is Patient.aegislabs portal, and it offers patient-centered healthcare services ranging from numerous prevention plans, virtual doctor appointments, conventional patient screening. This patient portal aegislabs has been reviewed as high-quality medical assistance providing website.

Patient Portal Aegislabs In Covid Times

The virtual diagnosing and patient treating web portal launched a merged test for Influenza A/B virus and SARS-CoV-2, both for the suspected Covid-19 patients.

Features Of Patient Portal Aegislabs

  • Virtual appointments
  • Medical prevention plans
  • Conventional screenings
  • Patient-centered healthcare treatments
  • High-quality services
  • The exceptional quality of care
  • A dedicated and skilled staff of experts
  • The highly responsible staff even out of operational hours in case of medical emergencies
  • Warm ambience toward patients
  • Personalized attention offered to patients
  • The patient portal has a special aim of offering quality mental and behavioral health. 
  • It has special provisions for treating chronic diseases or prenatal diseases.
  • It offers therapies leading to pain management.
  • The website offers anti-doping and forensic examination services to amateurs in the case of sports competitions. 

Using Patient Portal Aegis Labs

Firstly you need to register on the website as a new patient. And in case you are already registered, you can log in to their site portal. patients.aegislabs. com, to know the status of your medical tests. 

You can also reach out to them by calling 800-533-7052 or email at  

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