During onshore and offshore oil extraction, miners use oil rigs to drill on the ground to access oil. On the same line, however, various variables cause oil rig explosions during oil mining. When these combustion explosions occur, you should contact both proper emergency authorities, as well as oilfield support and services to report and get assistance with the incident. The following lists whom you should contact after a rig unexpectedly explodes, not necessarily in this order.

Your Accounting Team

The explosion may interrupt other business operations if you run an oil-mining business. If so, you must contact your accounting team to compile a corporate financial report for all the relevant shareholders. If you’ve already outsourced bookkeeping services, you can rest and let them do their work. The accounting team further prepares a detailed report for claim drafting for your insurer. Time starts ticking after your oil rig explodes, so they help you keep up with the insurer’s timeline.

Business Shareholders & Investors

Inform all the critical internal and external stakeholders on how the business runs and how the explosion interrupts the business processes. As such, you must call the shareholders and investors to inform them about the oil rig explosion and the damage it caused. The timely information ensures you get the right advice, financial support, and intellectual brainstorming to get back on your feet fast.

Nearby Healthcare Provider

After an oil rig explosion, safety should be your top priority. If you sustain burns, fractures, strains, or other injuries, prioritize your well-being. Also, if the accident leaves several injured, you must contact the nearest healthcare givers to attend to them. Seeking medical intervention ensures the medics save lives and prevent possible additional fatalities.

Oilrig Injury Lawyer

Most oil rig explosions cause severe injuries to workers and other people near the oil rig. If an oil rig explosion injures you while working, you must receive compensation for the lost wages and other potential damages. If the injuries cause permanent disability, your employer must compensate you as per your employment agreement.

While at it, an oil rig injury attorney will help you every step of the way until you attain what you deserve. On the other hand, your oil rig could have caused the explosion due to faulty maintenance. Your attorney will be essential in all legal representations in such a case, even when you were at fault.

State Authorities/Police Officers

After an accident, ensure you report to the authorities for legal purposes, no matter the explosion’s severity. However, if you require medical intervention, appoint and send someone to report the incident immediately. The police, for instance, will arrive soon at the scene, evaluate, assess, and document the explosion’s extent and create a formal report for use in other legal jurisdictions. In addition, the authorities will organize the rescue of all the affected people and retrieve the machinery and equipment.

Oil rig explosions and combustion happen unannounced, causing mixed reactions, injuries, and perplexes. Luckily, knowing who to call first after the accident eases it all. Call your insurer, bookkeepers, healthcare providers, authorities, and your oil rig injury lawyer if possible. Each of the above people will guide you on the next step after an abrupt explosion.

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