Two out of ten adults are surviving an untreated cavity. Although having superficially healthy teeth for long years might be a reason for the old to take pride in, they have to be very vigilant regarding dental problems. Oral health issues among senior citizens are quite common, and most of them are ignorant about it. Good quality teeth at an old age make talking and chewing easy, thereby preventing individuals’ malnutrition and discomfort. However, dental problems at this age can have life-threatening complications. Gum disease and cavities in teeth can cause critical health complications, such as brain or heart infection. Your mouth is a primary gateway to the body; therefore, poor oral health can have a negative implication all over your body.

Here are a few chronic health issues resulting from poor dental health:

Dementia & Other Mental Health Problems

Unstable dental health can negatively impact the brain of older individuals. Gum infections release substances that can damage brain cells, thereby causing loss of memory. Alzheimer’s and dementia are a few mental problems that gingivitis causes. The pus and bacteria released from gum infection get into the bloodstream and unfurls it in the nerve channels.

Blood Sugar

Older adults are vulnerable to minor and major infections. Poor oral health and gum infection can enhance diabetes, thereby making it difficult to control. The symptoms of diabetes can worsen, as gingivitis and other oral health issues complicate the disease. Therefore, people with poor oral health are at a higher risk of developing high blood sugar.

Cardiovascular Ailments

A periodontal disease that arises from inflammation in the gums increases the risk of heart disease. Some of the bacteria that get into the bloodstream reach the arteries and cause plaque to build there. These hardened arteries create a blockage, and it hinders the flow of blood, thereby increasing the possibility of a heart attack. Poor health of teeth and gums can have a damaging impact on patients with hypertension and cardiovascular disease. Proper oral hygiene and routine dental check-ups can prevent dental issues and reduce the risk of heart diseases.

Lung Infections & Respiratory Issues

Dublin Dental Care advises you to take care of your oral health, as it is a determiner of your physical health. The bacteria in your mouth and infected teeth and gums can travel through your bloodstream to your respiratory system, thereby hindering your breathing and passage of oxygen. Respiratory infections, such as asthma, pneumonia, and bronchitis, are caused by the germs that come along through your bloodstream.

Arthritis & Inflammation Of Joints

People with poor oral health and gum disease are at increased risk of contracting arthritis. Inflammation is the common cause of both. The bacteria from gingivitis can enhance inflammation in other parts of the body, thereby developing the risk of rheumatoid arthritis.

Weak immunity, which is the cause of Kidney disease, has resulted from the periodontal gum element. People suffering from poor oral health are likely to suffer from kidney ailments, which may be fatal, resulting in kidney failure.

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