You can’t see your drainage. You may think everything is fine, but you have a problem that needs a drainage company to fix. The first signs that you have a problem can be a nasty smell, or your water is not draining at all.

Drainage structures have been used for thousands of years to keep people dry and improve living standards. They are built to manage the collection and conveyance of stormwater. They protect us from rain and flood damage, allow us to have running water in our homes, and help us travel over rivers and streams. Drainage structures play an essential role in the civilized world, giving us comfortable homes and transportation.

Knowing the common drainage system problems and solutions can help you. You can make timely interventions or contact your drainage company before the situation worsens.

Smelly Drains

You may have this drainage system problem if you have a persistent foul smell from inside or outside your home.

There are many causes of smelly drains. A drainage company can pinpoint the cause and fix it. Their speed of resolution depends on the extent of the problem.

Blocked Drains

You may have this issue if your kitchen, shower, or bathroom sinks don’t drain. They can be because of oils or hair that get stuck in the drain’s filters. These items block the water from passing through the drainage system.

You can fix this problem by pinpointing the area with the clog and unblocking it. Use the right tools for the job, such as drain rods and plungers. You may call a drainage company if the issue persists.

Slow Drains

You may be going about your business then your shower or sinks start to flood. Toilets may also take longer to flush. These symptoms can show that you have slow drains.

Fix the problem to avoid more frustrations. If you cannot pinpoint the issue, hire a professional drainage company to resolve the problem. The slow drains may require a higher level of expertise to fix.

Collapsed Drains

The wastewater can seep out into your property because of collapsed drains. This occurrence can cause a foul smell around your home. You may also notice your garden has sinkholes and dampness is spreading in the affected areas.

A drainage company can help you if you have collapsed drains. They have the expertise to pinpoint the problem’s cause and fix it quickly.

Pests In Drain

Some pests consume wastes in the drainage system and multiply quickly. These animals include rats and insects, such as fruit flies, phorid flies, drain flies, and cockroaches.

You can deal with these pests with cleaning products available in the market. The chemicals may not be effective if you have a large-scale infestation. A professional cleaning company may have better luck with extensive infestations.


Flooding can cause significant damage to your ceilings, walls, and floors. The damage can be more extensive if the flooding continues for longer.

You may struggle to deal with flooding on your property. Contact a drainage company if you cannot find the root cause quickly.

Frozen Pipes

You may have frozen pipes if your water doesn’t flow and it isn’t cold outside. Opening the tap to its maximum capacity can increase the pressure in the system and make pipes crack.

You can defrost the pipes by blowing a hot hair dryer over them. It might be best to call a drainage company if the lines crack because of the pressure.

Drainage problems can cause various issues. They can destroy your property, dampen your surrounding, attract insects, and cause a foul smell. Dealing with the affected area helps you avoid these difficulties.

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