While mold exists in many people’s homes, this doesn’t mean that it should become normalized. Not only is it an ugly problem, but it can also result in a whole host of health problems as well. By knowing about some of the most common causes of mold, you can prevent it from forming in your own home. After all, prevention is far better than the cure – as the old saying goes. Here are some of the most common causes of mold in houses.

Continual Humidity

If constant humidity is a problem in your home or general region, the high moisture content in the air can result in the formation of mold. This type of mold is often found growing on ceilings, walls, and in dark areas such as closets. One of the best ways of preventing this is by ventilating your home on a regular basis. Also, it may be worth investing in a dehumidifier device to take the water content out of the air.

Leaking Pipes Or Roof

The next possible problem that could occur is leaking in your pipes or roof. The former can result in wall or ceiling mold. If you suspect that this has become a problem in your home, it is important that you take steps to repair them at the earliest possible opportunity. You can spot if a leak has occurred in your roof checking your attic and/or the tiles on your ceiling for any signs of damage. Again, you should make sure to get your roof repaired when you can.

Condensation Build Up

It is usually during the winter months that a build up in condensation can become a problem. This will often happen on cold surfaces when the temperature starts fluctuating. So, check your hard surfaces around the house such as floor tiles, metal pipes, and concrete surfaces. Take the time to ventilate each of the rooms where this may be an issue. If mold is not dealt with early either yourself or by mold remediation professionals, it can continue to proliferate and become more and more problematic over time.

Wet & Damp Clothing

If you leave your clothing to dry inside and on radiators, it often doesn’t take long for mold to start occurring. In fact, this can happen in as little time as just 24 hours. If possible, hang your washing outdoors to prevent this from occurring. If this is not possible, open up your windows to get some air flowing indoors rather than letting the room become too stuffy.

Leaky Air Conditioning

Another possible form of leaking that can result in the development of mold is a leaky air conditioning system. You should check the area around your unit to see if any mold has arisen.

By checking out these possible causes of mold formation, you can make sure that it doesn’t happen in your home. If it does, you will need to take steps to clear it out as soon as you possibly can to prevent health issues.

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