Are you thinking of giving your bathroom a modern look? That’s an idea that has our full support. Especially if you live in a city like Fishers, Indiana, where home prices increased by 3.2% in May 2023 (compared to last year), remodeling your bathrooms can add significant value to your home if you decide to list it later. Besides, with home prices going up, isn’t it better to invest in your existing home instead of thinking about purchasing a new one?

However, planning for your dream bathroom makeover can be challenging because there are just too many factors to consider.

If you are unsure of where and how to start your bathroom makeover, don’t worry. To help you assess your options and make creative design choices, we have compiled some ideas to inspire the transformation:

1. Upgrade To Sleek Fixtures & Fittings

When it comes to transforming your bathroom, there’s nothing quite like updating your fixtures and fittings. However, against the many design options, choosing the right fit isn’t as easy as it sounds. While intricately designed fixtures offer a luxurious look, contemporary bathrooms thrive on clean lines and a minimalistic approach. Upgrade your fixtures and fittings to simple yet trendy designs, like a white floating bathtub.

Furthermore, the choice of finishes is crucial in achieving that contemporary allure. Consider selecting fixtures with chrome or metallic finishes, such as brushed nickel or polished stainless steel. These finishes exude sophistication and reflect light, creating a sleek and polished appearance.

Maintaining a cohesive design is the key to achieving a contemporary bathroom look. However, functionality is just as important. The average age in Fishers, Indiana, is 35 – 37 years, with most people thinking of starting a family while some have already moved with their families. Hence, hire the best Fishers bathroom remodeling experts to ensure your bathrooms are stylish yet functional.

2. Rethink Your Color Scheme

Ever wondered why your most-visited spas sport a light-tone color scheme? It’s because neutrals can evoke a serene and elegant atmosphere.

Neutral colors can work wonders to give your bathroom your desired contemporary touch. The magic of neutrals lies in their ability to create an atmosphere that feels refreshingly minimalistic. Think shades like crisp whites, calming beiges, chic grays, or soothing taupes. Applying these colors to your walls, floors, and fixtures instantly brings a sense of purity and simplicity- a hallmark of contemporary design.

But that’s not all: neutral colors have an inherent quality of making spaces look bigger than they are. With a neutral color scheme, you can make your bathroom look brighter and more spacious. Furthermore, these colors reflect light gracefully, infusing your space with an airy ambiance.

3. Well Thought Out Lighting

Making the right lighting choices can elevate your bathroom look in no time. Using a combination of different types of bathroom lighting can set the mood for your space in the most wondrous ways.

First off, recessed lighting is a fantastic choice to start with for your modern aesthetic. Installing these lights in your bathroom ceiling will give your bathroom a clean and streamlined appearance. Go for LED lights with warm white or cool white tones to create a bright and calming atmosphere that resonates with a contemporary feel.

Furthermore, use task lighting to highlight certain areas, such as the vanity, shower, or bathtub. Wall sconces, pendant lights, and recessed lights directed toward these areas can highlight important parts of the room. For instance, placing wall scones on either side of the vanity mirror will ensure well-balanced lighting for grooming tasks. Look for sleek and contemporary designs that harmonize with the overall style of your bathroom.

4. Incorporate Smart Technology

The modern world is driven by technology, and what better way to make your bathroom look modern than by adding a touch of tech to it? Sure, we can’t all be Tony Stark and have artificial intelligence run our homes for us, but there are still a lot of remarkable bathroom technologies you could include to make your bathroom look more impressive.

Start by integrating voice-activated devices like Amazon Echo or Google Home into your bathroom. With these devices, you can control the lighting, temperature, and music and access literally any information through your voice commands while indulging in your 10-step nighttime skincare routine. If you want to take it a step further, get smart showers and toilets with impressive built-in functions.

5. Add A Touch Of Natural Elements

Bringing the soothing touch of nature into your bathroom can work wonders in giving it an invigorating vibe. To give life to your contemporary bathroom, infuse it with the beauty of indoor plants. Choose lush ferns, elegant orchids, or graceful spider plants that thrive in humid environments. Hang them from the ceiling, place them on shelves, or adorn the walls with charming planters, creating a stunning vertical garden.

Furthermore, choosing natural materials like wood, stone, or bamboo in your bathroom design can further elevate the modern aesthetic. Wooden cabinets, shelves, or countertops can infuse warmth and texture, while stone tiles or pebble flooring can evoke a serene spa-like atmosphere.

Nature holds a significant amount of refined elegance, which can transform your bathroom design for the better. Embrace the beauty of natural light by maximizing its presence in your bathroom. Install large windows or skylights to invite sunshine into the space.

6. Don’t Forget The Personal Touches

A contemporary bathroom does not mean it has to look impersonal and devoid of personal touches: you don’t want your bathroom to look like any other hotel restroom. Don’t be afraid to bring your personal style and flair into your bathroom design. Bring in the decor and accessories that you like. Display scented candles, decorative trays, or baskets to create a warm ambiance.


A bathroom is one of the most used places in a home for various reasons. Therefore, getting your bathroom makeover right is crucial to make you feel at ease while you perform your daily activities. The end goal for any home project is to transform your space into a comfortable haven that brings you joy and relaxation. And by strategically combining functionality, style, and personal touches, you can create a bathroom space that is both practical, modern and a true reflection of your aesthetic preferences.

However, while well-planned execution is important, having fun throughout your project and not letting it overwhelm you is the key. So don’t stress and let professionals take the helm: they know best how to execute your vision.

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