Many people shy away from household chores and cooking these days, and it’s not necessarily because they enjoy takeout. It’s the tediousness that comes with these activities. So, how do you mitigate that? Think smart and get modern appliances, of course!

The scenery is changing daily in every industry. Even Mr Bet and other platforms in the gaming industry have caught up to the artificial intelligence revolution. Why don’t you too? So, what things could you change to liven up your living space and make it more modern? Let’s explore the trends for 2024.

5 Must-Have Kitchen Appliances For Smarter Living 

We’ve talked about the major trend of 2024, modern smart living, and you may be wondering why you should make the switch if you haven’t already. There are several reasons, but we’ll summarise them so as not to bore you. Streamlining your work requires time-saving and greater efficiency. By taking this step, you’ll enjoy enhanced safety and connectivity, features you don’t compromise on while future-proofing your kitchen.

Let’s go over the top appliances to add to your kitchen.

1. Microwave Ovens

Not just any ordinary oven, but those that can do the job remotely. Get it? You don’t have to watch over your meals in real time. Users can control them with smartphones, increasing or decreasing the temperature, setting timers, and turning down the heat. You’ll get your meals reheated in minutes and evenly, too! It is made possible with Wi-Fi technology and mobile applications. Check out top brands like LG, Haier, and Bajaj for impressive models.

2. Digital Air Fryers

The idea of oil-free frying, an innovative way of cooking meals with less guilt, has gained mainstream adoption. The fitness and health industry is all over it, with every influencer and top shot featuring one in their videos. But it’s not just a facade; it’s an ideal appliance. Combine convenience, health consciousness, and advanced technology in your meal prep with this device. You get voice assistants, timers, and hand-free modes while enjoying connectivity.

3. Smart Toasters

Whether for home use or in the office kitchen, these small devices pack a punch, turning a simple meal into a delicacy. It’s toast! Imagine being able to control your toaster from anywhere. Some models even let you select your desired browning level, from lightly toasted to crispy. If this isn’t paradise, then what is?

4. Automatic Hood Hob

Once you make your meals, you will likely encounter mishaps involving smoke and fire. How do you get rid of the smoke and odour? With an automatic hood hob, of course. These modern designs are optimised with powerful air filters that enhance ventilation and eliminate smoke and fumes while cooking. Think of them as smart wall-mounted chimneys that’ll make your cooking a fun experience.

5. Induction Cooktops

Open flames are all the rave, but considering environmental safety, there has to be something better, and that’s cooking with induction tops. It is a must-have appliance that heats cookware directly without an actual flame. It uses electromagnetic fields and advanced technology, protecting your cookware and burning. Smart versions come with real-time temperature monitors, sensors, and other features that give you mobile control, enhancing your culinary experience.

Smart Home Living

Revolutionising your home and making your living experience beautiful doesn’t begin and end in the kitchen. Many other rooms in your house and many other activities could be enhanced. Unlike before, when size mattered a lot, consumers now look for compact and minimalist devices. It could have something to do with energy saving and the cost of living, but let’s sway away from those. Apartments are even smaller these days, so you’re better off with small washers and dryers that get the job done.

High-end owners are doing the most, and it’s exciting to see. Doubling up is a new way to go; double the appliances, refrigerators, ovens, dryers, and more, anything to get the job done faster and more efficiently. Most importantly, we adore the simplicity 2024 is all about. There’s an ongoing trend for sleeker, high-end looks perfected by hiding devices in crevices. They sometimes blend them in with cabinetry and furniture, adding a flair of aesthetics.

Stay On Top Of 2024 Trends

Don’t switch up the look of your home or kitchen with every new trend. It’s a huge investment that is time and money-consuming. So, how do you add all these aesthetics to your current design? Well, you don’t. While it’s okay to tweak a few things now and then for a refreshing look and feel, it isn’t advisable to do heavy lifting frequently, and if you future-proof your designs, you may never have to. So tell us, what trend or appliance are you picking up? We’d love to know.

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