Do you like gaming and playing with friends? Mobile games are an excellent way to stay connected, play competitively, or even inspire good-natured rivalry. You can enjoy all sorts of experiences, from brain-teasers to shooters or even card games – all right in the palm of your hand. So, we have put together a list of six popular mobile titles that you can play with your buddies.

Mobile Poker

Have a go at Texas Hold’em or discover some of the alternative variants such as Omaha Hi-Lo – all with your friends! As it’s one of the few gambling-style activities allowing you to do so, mobile poker can be an amazing way for your group to unwind and have some fun.

Mobile PokerThe game requires some tactics and gameplay strategies, so it’s an ideal way to practice your mind titles. You can play with a smaller buy-in than usual if you want to relax without the worry of the big stakes involved. Moreover, you can even compete in monthly or weekly tournaments with real rewards. Of course, many other card games exist, so you can try them if you get tired of poker.

PUBG Mobile

Let the battle begin! This explosive online combat is as intense and realistic as it gets. Explore different settings with your team, fight for control of its supplies, or lead an ambush against enemy operations in PUBG Mobile. It’s a thrilling experience for anyone looking to show off their marksmanship skills or strategizing capabilities.

PUBG MobileAs you grueling, your way to the top of each battle, stay vigilant and be prepared for an unforeseen turn of events. In PUBG Mobile, anything can happen! The game is a perfect way to hang out with your friends while enjoying some fast-paced virtual combat, so don’t miss it!

Mario Kart Tour

Race around with your pals and enjoy some classic fun in this mobile game taking on one of the most iconic arcade racing series. It has eye-catching 3D graphics and dozens of characters to choose from, bound together by some familiar powerups and item collection concepts seen in other Mario Kart titles. The rules are simple and the controls surprisingly smooth: race and avoid obstacles, and use those items to your advantage.

Mario Kart TourYou can even challenge random opponents online or add up friends if you happen to have enough people interested in playing this game together. It also features daily tasks that might reward some extra coins for competing with fellow racers – which builds excitement as you strive towards unlocking new karts and pilots!

Words With Friends

This classic game has seen some additions over the years, including a two-player solo mode and tournaments with more substantial rewards. The objective is to rack up points by building words on an ever-changing board that features various power tiles. It’s ideal for people who want something fun but still to play during breaks.

Words With FriendsThe multiplayer side of the game includes a chat function allowing you to communicate with your opponent while making decisions. This can add an extra tactical edge as well: offer joint words, taunt one another or turn your competition into a full-fledged friendship opportunity.


The classic board game needs a little introduction and you can now play it on the go with your friends. Monopoly on the mobile device allows you to buy, sell and trade properties with your opponents while managing cash flow. The game is easy to learn and kitted out with exciting functions that let you pitch against seven people from your contact list.

MonopolyThe game doesn’t complicate matters too much: just connect, join an existing session, or start a new one with custom rules and invite your buddies along. Once everyone is connected, simply roll the dice and enjoy hours of quality entertainment with your friends.


The classic card game is the perfect choice when you are in the mood for light-hearted fun with your friends. The rules of play don’t differ much from those used on physical tables and despite its lack of complexity, Uno manages to stay wildly entertaining throughout entire matches. Plus: it’s free! You can join random games or create private lobbies yourself.

Uno challenges your gaming skills as you battle against seven others for the crown. You can also play with friends, as it supports both local and remote multiplayer. Pick your deck of cards, flip them over and make sure to yell ‘Uno’ when you got just one card left in your hand.


Grab your device and start planning a game night with friends. Playing online is an excellent way to keep connected – so why not enjoy some of the great options presented in this list? Take into consideration what kind of gaming environment you are after, from complex activities to simpler options, but most importantly: have fun and enjoy!

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