A need for extra or increased space often drives businesses to look for quick and affordable solutions. One of those solutions is to use temporary buildings. The beauty of them is that they are affordable, quick-to-install, portable, highly customisable and they are suitable for many different uses, to mention just a few advantages of temporary buildings.

What Are Temporary Buildings?

Temporary buildings are structures that are constructed of sections or parts that are pre-fabricated in a factory, and then transported where they are needed for assembly into a complete building. Despite the image that the term ‘pre-fab’ may conjure for many, modern examples are far better than before. The construction process is fast because they are assembled quickly and the process needs minimal labour.

The structures can be used for different purposes and they can be custom-made to suit the purpose of the building and the needs of the business. They may even be insulated, and include several different amenities installed to be like permanent buildings.

 Some of the uses of temporary buildings include:

  • Storage facilities or warehousing
  • Sports facilities
  • Retail space
  • Classrooms
  • Dining halls
  • Dormitories
  • Greenhouses

What Mistakes Should Be Avoided When Picking Temporary Buildings?

To get the most out of your temporary buildings, you need to avoid some common mistakes as you choose these structures. Below are some of the common mistakes you need to avoid:

Not Considering The Intended Use & Your Needs

Although temporary buildings can be used for a variety of things, you should have in mind the specific use you want to put the structure to. This is because the size, design, and even the material that will be used have to suit the purpose it is intended for.

If you want a temporary structure where people will work, you need to have proper ventilation, and ensure the building has necessary amenities such as water, power, and so on. And if you want a building to store perishables, you should factor in having adequate cold storage facilities. For buildings to house huge machines and equipment, clear span buildings are the best option because they do not have internal pillars thus allowing free movement within.

The good news is that you can get everything from experts like Smart-Space—a building that suits your particular needs and use if you specify clearly what use you intend it for. They have over thirty years of experience manufacturing, selling, and renting out temporary buildings in the UK.

Overlooking How Long You Will Need The Structure

Despite their name, temporary buildings can last as long as ten years or even more. However, their useful life depends on factors such as the type and the density of the material used. You must understand how long you want to use the building so that you can order and buy the one that will last that time.

There are more durable structures made of aluminium and steel frames and heavier cladding—mostly steel that can last several years, and there are others made of lighter density frames and PVC cover that last only a short time. Therefore, as you choose your structure, you need to have in mind the duration you want to use.

Not Checking Your Budget

Depending on your budget, you can buy or hire different temporary buildings for your business. Also, your allocated budget will dictate what sort of building you can hire or buy. Unfortunately, some people do not take the necessary time to calculate how much money they need to buy or lease temporary buildings. This makes it unlikely that they get the exact building they want or find themselves in a financial crisis because of spending more than they expected.

To avoid finding yourself in this kind of situation, you can visit the website of the leading temporary buildings company, Smart-Space or go to their offices, and inquire about the costs of various structures. You can get what works best for you and is within your budget.


Temporary buildings are a great solution to space needs and help to save both costs and time, offer customized solutions and allow portability if need be. However, you need to consider some key things to avoid mistakes such as not considering the use or checking your budget, as you hire or buy the buildings.

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