We are all too stressed. Making time for relaxation and self-care should be a regular part of our routines, but we are all far too focused on the next thing. It is important to stop every once in a while and invest in yourself with these three self-care steps — you will feel better and get more done in the long run.

Enjoy The Silence

The constant connections of modern life can be overwhelming, leaving you stressed or on edge without knowing it. The next task is always on the horizon, and the phone is ready to ping with more news or a new responsibility. When was the last time you unplugged yourself and gave yourself a few hours or a whole afternoon of simple peace and quiet?

Set yourself some time to relax without the stresses and distractions of the rest of the world — this is the most straightforward self-care. Use the time to read a book, meditate, or just rest your body and mind. This can lead to moments of clarity too. When your mind is clear and relaxed, solutions to problems can suddenly appear, and reinvigorate you to take on life’s challenges.

Balance Your Energy

Aches, pains, and stress can all build up in the body. Whether physical pain or psychological, the traumas we experience have lasting consequences. By addressing these issues, you can heal yourself from within, using positive energy to ease physical and mental injury. Reiki healing is an ancient Japanese technique that focuses energy on healing the mind, body, and soul and is great for self-care.

You can learn Reiki, and become a Reiki therapist, with some Reiki Master training from a qualified Reiki practitioner. This Reiki Level 1 Londoncourse is the perfect way to start, and you can progress to Reiki Level 2 training on the road to becoming a Reiki Master yourself. This amazing healing technique can be self-administered or used to treat others. With Reiki Level 1 you can help yourself and others heal and find balance.

Soothing The Skin

Have you ever noticed that after a bit of skincare and a soak in the bath, you feel renewed? You step out of the bathroom feeling like a different person. We are water-based creatures, and nothing stresses our system like dehydration. When you spend some time soaking and moisturising, you replenish the well inside yourself, soothing your skin and your vital organs. The blood flows more easily.

Add a special ‘skincare and soak day’ to your weekly regime. Once a week, set aside an hour or two to soak in the tub or have a long and soothing shower and look after your skin. This should not just be the skin on your face, but your whole body too. This is a great time to unplug for a while too; you’re in the bathroom after all. Give yourself all the little treats you like. Cleanse yourself, replenish your moisture levels, and you will feel energised for the rest of the week.

These three simple steps to better self-care will help you heal your mind, body, and soul. Invest in rest, heal yourself of internal energy imbalances, and replenish your reserves of moisture. You will find you have the energy and mental clarity you need to take on everything life throws at you.

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