Mezzanine floors are temporary flooring that is built within a building to provide an additional level between the floor and the roof. Mezzanine floors by Aw Structures are the perfect solution in the building where an additional room is required but space is at a premium.

If there are certain problems you are facing with your business regarding flooring like your business has outgrown its current premises, the cost and nuisance of relocating rules out a move, you have been declined planning permission to extend the current building, so industrial mezzanine flooring may be the perfect answer to all these problems. They double the current floor space and exploit the unused space available.

Mezzanine floors may be utilized in a lot of different ways, the most popular is storage. There are no limits to the uses that these floors can be utilized to do. Sourcing this from a UK Mezzanine Floor Supplier is a reasonable solution for your business to add extra space to the property and use the unused space.

Mezzanine floors allow a business to remain in the existing place, saving on costly relocating expenditure. If your business operates from 2 different locations, an additional floor may let you consolidate the company in one location, reducing extra costs and easing the problems.

Are Mezzanine Floors The Correct Solution For A Business?

Before installing mezzanine floors into the workplace certain things are to be considered.


It is the most important consideration before getting a mezzanine installed. You need approximately 4500 m of roof height to ensure you have sufficient room between the floor and the roof when the flooring has been fitted.


Mezzanine floors are fitted and designed to the requirements of the customer. But strict building laws exist to confirm safety for all employees who use it. The average loading weight that is suitable in most circumstances is 500 kilograms /meter square. Floors can be built for much heavier loads also. Mezzanine floors are mostly lightweight in structure and design which allow a large amount of bounce. The cheaper the mezzanine flooring, the higher the bounce rate will be.


Building health and safety requirements are to be met when installing the mezzanine floor. If the flooring is intended for a retail outlet or an area designed for public use, the floors are to be according to the regulations permitting wheelchair access. This can be done by the installation of a suitable staircase. Flooring used for such a purpose also has to conform to strict safety and fire regulations. This will not be the case for the flooring used only for the storage room.


Floors are usually standalone structures and free from the surrounding building, the flooring is supported columns. The frequency of support columns and their positioning can be designed around the space available and the requirement of the customer. The fewer the columns incorporated into the designs for the floor, the more will be the cost.


A lot of mezzanine flooring companies offer professional and sound advice ensuring you buy the correct mezzanine floors solution for the business. Companies in this work field offer a full spectrum of services that includes design, consultation, installation, risk assessment, future maintenance, and also guarantees. Mezzanine floors offer a satisfying and convenient solution to many flooring and safety and health issues.

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