In the quest to find a solution that truly delivers on its promises, many sprays or mists fall short, leaving us disappointed – Lumedeo com claims to be the answer to your odor discomforts, but it’s crucial to uncover the truth behind this brand. Not all organizations stand by their fragrance commitments, so it’s important to dig deeper and discover the reality of Lumedeo com before making a decision. Reviews: What Does Lumedeo com Claim To Offer?

Lumedeo com is a trendy brand known for selling deodorants with long-lasting fragrances. The Lumedeo manufacturer has also provided the dedicated thoughts to not have an effect of this deo on the health of the users. The product is free of carcinogens and is suitable for use on the skin. 

The company sells body wash, soap, body butter, wipes, and laundry supplies in addition to cologne. Some of the names of the products you may discover on are as follows:

  • Warm Vanilla
  • Unscented
  • Lavender Sage
  • Clean Tangerine
  • Peony Rose
  • Coconut Crush

All these products are available in different forms. You can enjoy the natural yet mesmerizing fragrance by applying it through containers in the shape of sticks and tubes.

You can purchase any of these items based on your preferred applications:

  • Solid Sticks
  • Cream Sticks
  • Cream tubes

Additionally, these deodorants can be ordered in sets of three or two. The package can be modified to your preferences. In addition to lume, provides other products, including:

  • Body Butter
  • Laundry
  • Wipes
  • Body Wash
  • Soap

Lumedeo Products

The website’s more than 60,000 5-star ratings are evidence of the high quality of the items. It is absolutely absurd that the Lume deodorants are supposed to last for 72 hours. These goods are from synthetic materials that are skin-friendly and natural, as approved by a licensed doctor. 

Clinical studies have proven that Lume products completely eliminate body odor. Like other colognes, it prevents the odor from spawning rather than neutralizing it. The goods can be used legally on your privates as


  • Natural and gentle to your skin
  • Carcinogen free
  • Reasonable prices


  • After application, the products take time to settle and dry on the skin
  • Are not available outside North America

Lumedeo com: Our Verdict

We found mixed reviews on Lumedeo com from different platforms, while their official website had a bunch of positive reviews the third party sites had reviews which did not highlight the products in a positive light. As per our advise, buyers can give the products on Lumedeo a try as their social media pages have a collection of good reviews. So, we can say the Lumedeo products are worth a try.


  1. What products does offer? offers a range of deodorants, body wash, soap, body butter, wipes, and laundry products in various fragrances.

  1. Are Lumedeo products safe for the skin?

Yes, Lumedeo products are formulated to be skin-friendly, free of carcinogens, and approved by a licensed doctor.

  1. Where can Lumedeo products be shipped?

Currently, Lumedeo products are available for shipping within North America only.

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