Making sure your home has the highest security is great and all, but what happens when you’re left on the outside looking in? Everyone that has ever owned keys has got to their door only to realise the keys are nowhere to be found. The best scenario is they’re at work or in a different pocket, but that’s not always the case. If you are locked out, here’s what you can do.

Contact Members Of Household

Unless you live alone, there are most likely other household members with a key. Therefore, before wasting the time of a busy Cardiff locksmith, call your house members and ask them politely to come and rescue you. It may mean occupying yourself for a while, especially if they’re at work or away, but at least you’ll get back into your home eventually.

Call Anyone With A Spare Key

Many people give keys to trusted friends or family members, whether it’s parents making sure their door is always open to their kids or a loving pet owner granting access to a friend taking care of their fur ball. If you’ve handed your key out, it’s time to send an SOS and let them show you why they deserve a key.

Ring The Landlord

At this point, you may be feeling desperate with the only logical answer being to call a locksmith to have them get you inside the house. However, if you’re in rented accommodation, remember that your landlord or letting agent will have access to a key.

Look For An Open Door Or Window

Tight home security means never leaving your back door or windows open/unlocked, but that doesn’t mean people don’t forget. If you’re locked out of your home and nobody with a key can get to you, try checking your back door and window before getting in touch with a 24 hour Cardiff locksmith.

If you manage to get in this way, just make sure you check your home to make sure there are no unwanted visitors in your home. As well as this, if a neighbour saw you climb in through a window, they may mistake you for a burglar and call the police, so just be prepared.

Contact A Locksmith

At this point, you’ve pretty much exhausted all other options. Therefore, it’s time to give Curley Locks a call to come and rescue. This emergency locksmith based in Cardiff will have you in your home in no time, and they’ll even replace the locks for you to give you peace of mind.

Break In

Breaking into your own home isn’t a crime, but you should only do it if someone’s life depends on it. After all, breaking your doors or windows will cost you a lot more money than simply waiting for the Locksmith in Cardiff. As well as this, you’ll likely attract unwanted attention for breaking into a property.

If you get locked out of your home, get in touch with anybody that may have a spare key. Then, simply call a reputable Locksmiths Cardiff to come and rescue you.

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