Life coaching has emerged in the past few years and it is a reflection of the mental health issues that many Australians are dealing with. We are indeed living in troubled times, with suicide rates climbing steadily and while mental health counsellors can help, some people need a different set of skills and help to rebuild their life.

What Is Life Coaching?

As the name suggests, a life coach tailors the content to suit the client, you might need to set some life goals, or have an addiction of some sort. A life coach can help you to ignite a spark in your life, make a life-changing decision that holds a happy future; sometimes, all we need is a bit of encouragement and direction and the life coach can certainly provide that in abundance. One leading Australian organisation is Skills for Life Academy, an established provider of tailored life coaching where the client is at the centre of the treatment.

Divorced Men

Many Australian men who are in their mid-50s are suddenly faced with a single life and a couple of decades of being in a relationship; this can leave a person feeling less than whole and some men find it difficult to make the adjustment. Counselling can help of course, and it might be the right time to learn new skills and consider a totally different career.

Single Parents

Whether male or female, if a parent has split with their partner and they have custody of the children, this can be tough to transition from having the support of a partner to being alone. The added pressure and responsibility of raising the kids can simply be too much for some and without professional help and guidance, the pressures build. Click here for stress relief strategies that work.

Drug Rehab

When a person leaves a drug rehab unit, they invariable go back to the same environment, where they keep the same friends, which can easily lead to using again. Upon leaving the safety of the rehab unit, the patient needs to have further guidance and a life coach can help the person to chart out a new life; learn new skills and contemplate a change of career.

Holistic Coaching Brings Out The Best In People

Some forward-thinking life coaches take a holistic approach when helping clients, rather than addressing issues separately, a more varied approach is used, with basic happiness being a goal. Digital tech really helps, as the life coach can share video sessions with clients, rather than having face-to-face meetings; if you would like to learn more about life coaching and how it could help you, start with a Google search to locate established Australian life coaches, then browse a few websites until you find one that feels right. Most coaches are happy to arrange a free Zoom call when you can have an informal chat with a qualified life coach and take things from there.

Depression is a common mental health issue that many are facing and a life coach can provide what is needed for a positive change.

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