It’s not hard to see why so many children are captivated by birds. Kids see these little creatures flap their wings and soar off into the sky, looking completely free. It also helps that many birds have bright feathers and sing fun, chirping songs. If you have a child who loves to look at birds, bird figurines could be the perfect toys for them. Not only can they play with them, but they can also learn a lot.

Using Bird Figurines For Child Development

In the first few years of their lives, children have a lot of growing to do, both physically and mentally. Just like you feed them healthy foods to support their body, you can provide stimulating toys to support their minds and bird toys are a good place to start.

Spark Their Imagination

Bird figurines serve as a canvas for a child’s imagination. Give them a toucan and ask them to imagine what words the parrot might say. Buy them an eagle and challenge them to picture where that eagle may fly to. You can help them create different scenarios that will allow their minds to stretch, growing their imagination and helping sharpen their creative skills.

Use Bird Toys To Practice Shapes, Colors & Numbers

As your child starts to learn their colors and shapes, their bird figurines can help. Get them to compare the colors of different birds, such as a dark raven or a bright peacock. You can also point out different features on a realistic figurine, such as the triangles that make up a duck’s webbed feet. All of this may seem simple but it can help your child process the world around them.

Instilling Empathy & Respect For Nature

If your child loves birds, you can also grow this interest into a broader appreciation for nature. Help them understand that the birds need trees to live in and rivers to get water from. Explain how flowers feed birds while the birds pollinate the flowers. Introducing ideas such as these while playing with bird figurines can increase a child’s empathy for the environment around them.

Social Interaction & Collaborative Play

Many birds live in flocks, so get several figurines and let your child create a little bird family. It will help them understand how families interact. With multiple figurines, your child can also play with a friend, sibling or parent and learn the value of listening to others, taking turns and being considerate.

Expand Your Child’s Mind With Bird Figurines

When your child shows an interest in something like birds, embrace it. Try toys such as bird figurines to keep them engaged while offering them the benefits of imaginative play. By introducing kids to these figurines, parents can blend play with learning, imagination with knowledge and fun with empathy.

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