UBIX Network is a DAG & Blockchain hybrid (a DAG – Directed Acyclic Graph) that integrates blockchain of various consensus algorithms stored in a single p2p network. It allows developers to host public as well as private blockchains easily. These networks (PoS or PoW) are flexible and fully integrated into the single network without the interference of any mediator network. Moreover, the UBIX network is suitable for almost everybody, whether it’s small, personal, multinational, or government firms. Therefore, not only developers but you can create your blockchain as well. While creating the blockchain, you can use a single address space or a shared network, which is integrated easily without using any specific gateways. However, if you are keen on where to buy UBX coin, then keep reading further.

On the other hand, the currency is constantly evolving from paper money to electronic payments and cryptocurrency. However, each phase follows a similar pattern while evolving. First, we choose an exchange medium and then build an advanced exchange medium on it. In addition to this chain, the next big step will be cryptocurrencies like – Ethereum and Bitcoin. It replaced bank accounts with a computer algorithm, which works on open networks and has transparency in the process. Also, it is considered the fastest and global network that resists any banking fraud.

UBIX (UBX) & Cryptocurrency

UBIX network has been listed in various crypto exchanges and is currently ranked 2616 on coinmarketcap and surged 114.21%. Although you cannot purchase UBX directly with Fiat money or US Dollar, you can purchase bitcoin and convert it into UBIX Cryptocurrency. All you have to do is, purchase from any larger exchange (Coinbase or BlockFi) and transfer them to exchanges that offer trading coins like – UBX coin, Altcoin, etc. This article will discuss where to buy UBX coin or cryptocurrency in 5 easy steps.

Step 1: Setup Account On Binance

  • If you are a beginner with UBIX Networks, try and set your account on the Binance website.
  • First, while creating the account, you will be asked to register your valid email address and number. Try to mention one dedicated email which you will use to sign in & manage your cryptocurrency.
  • After that, you will receive a pop-up on the webpage asking few more details, such as your name, residence, and email & number confirmation.
  • Always be careful while filling up your details. Make sure you qualify for the minimum age bar.

Step 2: Two-Factor Authentication (Optional)

  • However, this step is optional, but if you want to secure your account after creating, you need to allow 2FA-Tow-Factor authentication after your first login.
  • Although it’s an optional step, it’s vital to set up 2FA as it secures your account from hacking activity.
  • After allowing 2FA, every time you log in with two-factor authentication, first, you will be required to fill in your email and password.
  • Next, a unique one-time code will be generated and given to you to login into your Binance account.
  • Download the Google Authenticator app to get your unique code on your smartphone.

Step 3: Payment Method

  • After finishing your KYC process, you will be asked to add your payment method. You can either add a crypto wallet account, SWIFT money transfer (if using a Binance account), or add your debit or credit card.
  • Although Binance cannot host debit or credit card payments, it has partnered with simplex to provide a platform for online payment.
  • Through Simplex, Binance account holders can purchase Bitcoin and Ethereum and pay from their debit or credit card.

Step 4: Purchase Bitcoin

  • After setting up your account and payment method, click on the trade button given on the top left side.
  • Choose amongst various coins like – Bitcoin, Altcoin, etc., and purchase them. After adding a coin to your cart, pay through the given payment methods and confirm your payment.

Step 5: Trade Bitcoin For UBIX Network (UBX)

  • Now that you have purchased Bitcoin, buy UBIX Network with the Bitcoins you have sent and your investments in your Binance account.
  • While converting, kindly select the UBX/BTC pair. Next, you will receive a price chart of UBX/BTC to buy UXBI Networks (UBX).
  • Afterward, you will discover a box with a green tab saying “Buy UBX,” Select the option and click on the “Market tab.”
  • Now, you can either type your amount or use a certain portion of the BTC deposit to make your payment. Remember, you don’t have to spend all your deposits. Instead, you can utilize some percentage of it.
  • Also, before confirming your purchase, always recheck your details, amount, and payment method. Because once the payment is made, it’s difficult to change your sensitive details. If everything is in place, click on “Buy UBX.”

Platforms To Purchase UBIX Network

Although there are various platforms to create an account and purchase UBIX Network Cryptocurrency, the list is given below if you are looking for the topmost exchange platforms.

  • Binance
  • COM
  • Bitrue
  • Coinbase
  • KuCoin and Hotbit

Local Platforms

  • If you are searching for a local platform or any seller to buy UBIX Networks, the process is slightly different from others. Below we have shared a few key points to keep in mind while approaching local sellers.
  • You can approach LocalBitcoins. They are amongst the partners of the Bitcoin exchange. It’s more of a marketplace where anyone can purchase and sell Bitcoin to each other. Here, users are considered as traders. They advertise their price and pay through the same website.
  • Always review and compare other prices and the performance of their bitcoin. Also, you can search for a seller like – LocalBitcoin, which offers almost all payment methods on their platform.
  • Try & approach those sellers who are popular amongst your neighbors and reachable too. But always be careful while surfing on these platforms to avoid any conmen activity.


Hopefully, now you understand the basic working of Bitcoin, UBIX Networks, and cryptocurrency. However, if you are a beginner, there are fair chances of getting played in a matter of seconds. Therefore, we recommend you to consider the beginner’s guide given above before investing your hard money in the stock exchange. Also, be extra careful while going with local sellers. Always study their reviews and recent performance.

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