The kitchen is  one of the central places of the home. It can also be intimidating to clean, but it doesn’t have to be. You can use hacks, like looking into garbage disposal cleaning methods, like putting ice into it to clear out any food particles and also using lemons wedges to clear up any lingering smells. That’s just one thing – here are others to make your kitchen look brand new each day.

Use The Outward-In Method

What does this even mean? Let’s say that you’ve got a messy sink. Start on the outward part of the sink. Clean that area and then start working inward. You’re going to start seeing noticeable results, and it will make the process go a lot faster. When you get to the drain and see how much you’ve done, it’ll feel great.

Use A Paintbrush To Clean A Stove

While you can use a cloth to clean a lot of the area around the burners, you’re going to need something to get any food crumbs out of the nooks and crannies of the burners. If you don’t, then that can become a fire hazard. This is where the paintbrush comes in. It can be a small one with thin bristles – just brush out those crumbs into your hand. That way, you will have a thoroughly clean stove.

Fill A Bowl With Soapy Water When Doing Dishes

Do you have a lot of utensils with food on them? Rather than having to devote a lot of time scrubbing them, you can put them in this bowl with soapy water while you focus on the larger things, like plates or pots or pans. Then, when you finish, the soapy water should have loosened up the food particles and cleaning the utensils should be a lot easier.

Have A Set Routine

Cleaning anything is a lot easier if you have a set routine. You might do counter surfaces first, the stove, then dishes, and then the sink at the end to make sure that everything’s clean. You can also check the floor for any crumbs or dust. By having things in the same order, you’ll be able to do things a lot faster and not have to devote a lot of brainpower to thinking about what to do.

Steam Clean Your Microwave

If there’s one part of the kitchen that gets dirty really fast, it’s the microwave. Fortunately, it’s actually easy to clean. Just put a (microwave-safe) bowl with vinegar in it, along with a lemon wedge if you have it. Run the microwave for two minutes and let the steam fill it. Then it should be easy to clean after you’ve let it sit for a few more minutes.

Use A Dishwasher Pod To Clean Your Oven Door

This is another part of the kitchen that can get dirty fast. You can make your glass oven door sparkle again by getting the hard dishwasher pod, not the gel kind, and use it to scrape the mess off the door and make it look brand new. It can take minutes, and you don’t have to make a lot of effort.

Put Newspapers On Top Of Your Refrigerator

The top of your fridge can get quite dirty. It can be a pain to have to get a step-stool and clean it. Instead, you can put some newspapers or something similar on top of it and then just change them when the papers get dirty. These are just a few of the hacks that you can do. There are a lot more out there, it just takes some research. But if you want to reduce the amount of time you spend cleaning the kitchen, it’s worth doing.

The main thing is that you need to get into the mindset of leaving the kitchen clean each night. There’s just something mentally relaxing about going to bed knowing that it looks great. Once those hacks have been mastered and the cleaning time has been greatly reduced, it can help you use that kind of thinking to clean the rest of your home.

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