There are several key factors to consider when selecting background screening services. These include turnaround times, breadth of services, price, and accessibility and support.

Eliminate services not complying with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Also, look for a firm that can handle all aspects of a company’s background screening and ongoing exclusion monitoring programs.


Employers must balance the costs of background checks against their impact on business operations, including employee safety and the organization’s image. Background check services are crucial to hiring the right candidates for your business.

Whether you’re looking for gig workers or full-time employees, finding the right solution that meets your needs is important. For example, some companies like Justifacts have industry-specific searches that allow you to hone in on candidate information, such as professional license verifications.


Accuracy is a key factor when selecting background screening services. Choosing a company that can verify information, including criminal records, employment history, education and professional accreditation verification, drug testing, and Form I-9 compliance, is important.

A good background screening service should have access to local, national, and international public records and other databases like social media searches and sanctions. They should also be compliant with federal regulations and state laws.

A reputable background screener should be able to deliver results quickly and accurately. They should also be able to provide detailed reports and individualized service. Choosing the right provider will save your business time and money and help you make the best hiring decisions. This is especially important when dealing with high hiring volumes or when working with candidates from diverse locations.


Background checks are a critical step in the hiring process, and it’s important to be able to customize them for your specific business needs. For example, if you work in healthcare, knowing whether an applicant is criminally charged or listed on government watch lists for people with infectious diseases is imperative.

Fortunately, third-party screening companies have the resources and expertise to customize and expedite your searches. In addition to providing comprehensive services, they adhere to strict regulations and can save HR departments significant time and stress.

Professional screening companies have established connections with record holders and can contact them bulk to speed up the search process. This helps ensure accuracy and reduces the likelihood of overlooking information.


Whether you decide to outsource or develop an in-house screening mechanism, your choice of background screener will be crucial to your company’s safety and legal compliance. Look for an FCRA-compliant provider accredited by the National Association of Professional Background Screeners.

Look for a service that can quickly verify more complex information, like educational credentials, work experience, and certifications. You want a service that offers turnaround times consistent with your hiring process so you get candidates started quickly.

A reputable background screening firm will also know the FCRA and parallel state laws. They will be able to help you avoid fines, lawsuits, and damage to your reputation by protecting your business from unethical or illegal associations. They can also uncover red flags such as financial instability, liens, or bankruptcies.

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A misstep during the hiring process can cost more than time and money. It can also result in legal liability, reputation damage, and lost productivity. This is why thorough pre-employment screening services are essential for companies to protect themselves from liability claims and bad press.

Choosing the right background screening company can save your business money and make hiring faster and easier. Look for a service that offers flexible packages, fast turnaround times, and easy-to-read reports. In addition, look for a service with extensive experience with Fair Credit Reporting Act regulations and client support staff who are FCRA certified.

The best pre-employment background check services are designed to give you the insight you need into your candidate’s past that is only sometimes available in a resume or interview. They help you hire confidently, mitigate risk, and build a great team.

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