There is nothing worse than feeling too hot in your own home. But when summer comes, it can be hard to keep cool enough. Fortunately, there are a lot of steps you can take to keep your home cool this summer.

Open Windows At Night

When the sun is bearing down and your home is heating up, it can be tempting to open all the windows. However, this can make the problem worse. Letting the hot air run through your house will actually heat it up. That is not the case at night though! When the air temperature has cooled down, you should crack open as many windows as possible and give your home a good airing out. Then shut everything again before the sun starts warming up the next day.

Keep Blinds Closed During The Day

Blinds are not just there for privacy. They can be used to keep the sun from heating up your home. During a hot day, keep the blinds closed and your home will feel much cooler. Sure, you will be missing out on all that natural light but at least you will be able to walk around without fanning yourself.

Do Chores At Night

When it is really hot, you should keep activity to a minimum. As soon as you start doing heavy household chores, you are going to start sweating buckets. To keep cool, try and do your chores during the evening. This is common practice in hot climates – sleep in the afternoon and do your chores at night.

Use The Grill More

If you have to cook in the middle of the day, do not use the oven or stove. The grill will put out less heat into your home and still allows you to eat a hot meal. Even better, cook outside in the shade where possible. That way, the heat is escaping into the atmosphere.

Get Your AC Serviced Or Repaired

Feel like your AC is not working properly? It might need servicing or fixing. Air conditioning units can gather dust and need regular servicing if you want them to operate at maximum efficiency. Get in touch with an AC repair shop – like – and get yourself a quote.

Change Your AC Filters Regularly

It’ is super important to change your AC filters regularly. If you fail to do this, your AC system will collect dirt and debris, obstructing the airflow. This increases the workload of your cooling system and can cause damage over time.

Plant Shade Trees & Other Greenery

One of the reasons your home feels too hot during the day is direct sunlight. When sunlight is hitting your home directly, it is turning it into a big radiator. To minimize this, you can plant trees and greenery around your house and create some shade.

Create An Ice Fan

As a last resort, you can create an ice fan to keep you cool. Grab an electric fan and place it in front of a tray of ice. This will blow air over the ice, cool it down, and pass the benefits onto you. Just remember that electric fans take up a lot of energy, so it is not a great idea to have them blasting all day.

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