IoT Technology-based startups like – Kakaxi have gained popularity in the agricultural sector over the years. These devices have reshaped agriculture in various meaningful ways, and people can now gain knowledge about their food while having it. For example, while drinking a cup of freshly brewed coffee, you can see how your coffee beans are harvested—and grown into coffee beans through a time-lapse video created by the Kakaxi device. Moreover, we purchase food from supermarkets without knowing the man behind the farming process. In simple words, supermarket culture has sacrificed transparency of manufacturing material and production process.

Thankfully, you can enjoy the food processing method with new-age technology and rest assured about its purity. Moreover, US-based movements like – Farm to the table have supported the idea to bring the story behind food growing to consumers’ tables with the help of the Kakaxi device. Also, it gained a lot of popularity amongst the conscious buyers, as it created a close link between buyers and farmers. However, if you are searching for a Kakaxi device overview, keep reading further.

Farm To Table Movement

This movement is conducted in the USA to encourage the farmers and consumers to minimize the distance and eliminate mediators. This movement was considered a national movement that helped many farmers and benefited locals to purchase organic food without any synthetic material. Therefore, farm to table inspired people to purchase fruits and vegetables from the nearest farmer possible. 

How Kakaxi Is Beneficial

Kakaxi is powered by an AI remote visualization device that works well on a 3G network. This device is placed on agricultural fields to keep track of the soil, collect real-time images and prepare time-lapse videos. Also, it collects the field’s ambient data, analyses it, and prepares the report, which is stored on the cloud. The Kakaxi camera is designed in such a way that it captures nature and utilizes the information from a remote environment.

Overall, Kakaxi is considered a beneficial device to kick start sustainable farming and embrace your food production. Moreover, with transparency in the production process, you can gain the confidence of your consumers towards the safety, purity and authenticity of your food. 

Key Features

The Kakaxi device comes with various unique features that transformed the traditional way of farming and became popular in rural and urban agricultural lands. However, below we have shared a few major specifications and features of this Kakaxi Bluetooth device. 


The Kakashi device is equipped with high-quality sensors to efficiently measure temperature, humidity, rain gauge, and insolation. 

  • Humidity: Measurement range 0% to 99%, RH at resolution 0.1% RH
  • Temperature: Measurement range -40 degree Celsius to -80 degree Celsius at resolution 0.1% RH.
  • Rain Guage: mm/h, resolution 0.31 mm/h 
  • Isolation intensity: 10-12 – 10-2 (w) 


A consumer can easily configure the device by downloading the dedicated application via iPhone and Android. Once you have connected yourself with the app, you can search for any food, grain or seed. You will receive all photos and time-lapse videos of your favourite food from the cloud. Then you can see how your favourite food grows and how it is packed for you. For example, if you like Nespresso (coffee brand), you can sign in and know the inside story of coffee beans. 


Kakaxi has a solid VGA camera with 640px X 480px, supporting JPEG compression format and providing crystal clear detailing in images and videos. Due to the high-resolution camera quality, you can zoom them without distorting the quality of pixels on your smart device. Moreover, the Kakaxi camera captures the HD video in real-time. It converts it into a time-lapse video for the consumers, providing the delightful experience of agricultural growth. 

Li-ion Battery

This agricultural device is blessed with a 2000mAh battery, which provides massive backup on the field. A user can rest assured that his Kakaxi will never stop working in between. Moreover, you can charge your Kakaxi by connecting a micro-USB between the Kakaxi device and solar panel. 


Kakaxi supports two major networks:

  • JP model (NTT Docomo) and
  • US model (AT&T)

And runs on specific temperatures and environmental conditions:

  • Temperature: -5 degrees Celsius to 50 degrees Celsius
  • Humidity: 0% – 100% 

Working Process

This AI device was designed while considering farmers’ day-to-day challenges. Therefore, it monitors and delivers the on-site data to the farmers, eliminating the pain of being physically present in the fields and keeping an eye on agricultural growth in harsh sunlight. However, the working process of the Kakaxi device is very simple. Below we have shared the stepwise working mechanism of the device. 

  • As soon as you install the device on the field, it will measure the weather and field moisture, then capture a few images and videos throughout the day. 
  • After capturing all day long, it will upload the raw data via cellular network to the secure vault of the associated application. 
  • Farmers can sign in to the application and access all the information and reports created by the Kakaxi smart device. 

Risk & Challenges

As you know, every useful device has pros and cons, and here the biggest challenge is the external environment. That can heavily affect your device with the change of weather. There may also be situations when your Kakaxi device will not work properly or gather accurate information of the field effectively. 

Another challenge that may arise is – mass participation. Practically, it is not easy to measure the level of engagement this monitoring device will have. Therefore, lack of awareness amongst the farmers and consumers leads to the risk that the farmers & consumers will not engage with the product as expected. However, you can not predict the engagement unless or until the number of consumers and farmers are not gained as a customer.


We hope that you have found our Kakaxi guide informative and helpful. However, with the progressive growth of such AI-based devices, the agriculture sector can expect a bright future. Therefore, before buying your Kakaxi device for the agricultural business, consider the guide given above for better understanding. 

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