Online education is the digital way to further your education—without the risk of being left behind or the hassle of commuting to campus. The question in the mind of most people is: Do employers recognize online doctorates? Of late, employers have been viewing online education accreditations in a new light. Online doctorates are seen just as credible as those you attend in person. Nevertheless, they require dedication and hard work, but it’s worth it if you’re a busy professional who wants to advance in your career.

Colleges and universities are now offering accelerated doctoral programs that enable students to complete their studies in lesser time. For online education to be successful, the student must be self-motivated and disciplined due to the demanding nature of this learning approach. Earning an online doctorate shows the employer that you are a disciplined and self-driven visionary. While each student is paired with one professor for guidance and mentorship, the student must still supply the initiative. If you are looking to enroll in an affordable online doctorate program and want to graduate in the shortest time possible, here are a few considerations to put in mind.

Can I Earn My Doctorate Through Online Learning?

With the thrill of earning an online doctorate in less time in mind, many professionals still second-guess their ability to achieve it online. The virtual doctorate program is a hybrid of the traditional classroom approach. In the hybrid version, students and instructors engage each other through various formats during content delivery including, emails, webcasts, a few campus visits, messaging apps, etc.

More Americans are working more than ever before. A recent study shows that 85% of U.S. male citizens and 67% of U.S. female citizens have amplified their 40-hours-a-week working schedule. In addition to the packed work schedule, people often struggle to balance other personal life commitments.

Furthering your education through an online program provides an appealing plan to complete your coursework while living your life to the fullest in different spheres. According to the rising popularity of online doctorates, trends show many people have embraced this format to the fullest. Currently, there’re about 205 accredited U.S. colleges and universities offering over a thousand online doctorate programs.

Where Can I Earn My Doctorate Online?

After settling on the wise decision to further your education through online learning, you will need to look for a suitable program. With numerous colleges and universities offering virtual learning doctorate programs, it can be challenging to decide where to invest your money, time, and energy to guarantee value and success. Avoid those scammers who lure you in with sham promises of incredibly cheap degrees in a few months to get your money. While it’s possible to decrease the study period as you study for a doctorate online, it’ll all depend on your hard work and commitment.

The Credibility Of Online Doctoral Accreditations

The integrity of an online doctorate is typically determined through the opinion of the employer. The reason is that they are usually left to decide if you qualify for a job through the presented academic qualifications and work experience. Of late, employers’ view on online education has been favorable. Recent research shows that 79% of interviewed companies had hired online degree holders in the past year. As online graduates prove their worth in the workplace through high productivity, employers will more likely hire more online doctoral graduates in the future.

The credibility dynamics can vary depending on the program, school, and views on virtual education by the employer. Students must do their research before committing to a particular online doctoral program. Stick to accredited colleges and universities reputable for offering the best online learning.

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