As a dog owner, you want to make sure you feed your dog the right food. And at this point, a lot of dog owners may already know that feeding your dog beef liver offers a lot of benefits.

Since the beef liver is loaded with iron, vitamins, and other nutrients, it’s a great source of nutrition for your pets. On top of that, it’s fairly affordable and accessible organ meat you can request at your local butcher.

So, how are you supposed to serve beef liver to dogs? Would dried beef liver be an appropriate way to do it?

In this article, we’re going to find out. Keep reading if you’re looking to learn about whether or not the beef liver is good for dogs, how to feed beef liver to dogs, the risks of feeding liver to dogs, and more.

We get into the details, so you know whether or not to mix it into your pet’s diet.

Is Beef Liver A Good Food For Dogs?

Generally, according to Spot & Tango, beef liver is a great option for dogs. Canines are carnivores. So, they are used to eating meat and can usually handle organ meat in their stomach since they don’t let anything go to waste in the wild.

So, if you’re at the butcher shop, you can request beef liver (which is usually cheap) then feed it to your pet.

Beef liver is packed with iron, vitamins A and B, zinc, and copper, nutrients that, according to PetMD, are very important to dogs. So, your dog will be able to reap a bunch of health benefits with the right amount.

To start, eating beef liver is actually good for your dog’s liver! The choline in the meat strengthens your own dog’s liver which is great for their overall health.

Additionally, it’s a great source of protein. Dogs need a lot of protein to live a healthy life and sustain their body. This is another reason why a lot of dog owners use beef liver as a healthy treat.

With that said, always make sure to consult your vet before adding anything to your dog’s diet. That way, you get to understand the risks for your specific dog and the right dosage to get the most out of the meat.

Can I Feed Dried Beef Liver To My Dog?

There are many ways to feed your dog beef liver. In fact, there are some people who even feed it to their dog raw. While this isn’t the best option for some dogs, it does offer a more natural source of nutrients.

However, the thing about fresh beef liver is that it can spoil. So, a great option for many dog owners is to purchase or make freeze-dried beef liver that can last a long time without losing any of the health benefits.

You can also dry the beef out yourself after cooking it to take full control over your dog’s diet. But if you really want to save yourself the hassle, you can always buy pre-made beef liver treats for dogs that are made out of real beef liver.

Alternatively, you can find some recipes on cooking beef liver for dogs on the internet which can be very helpful.

Are There Any Risks To Feeding My Dog Beef Liver?

Whenever you feed your dog beef liver, keep in mind that moderation is key. Just like any food, too much beef liver can be harmful to your dog. So, always consult your vet to ask how much beef liver is the appropriate amount for your pet.

There are many things inside the beef liver that are harmful to dogs in large amounts. For example, while vitamin A in proper doses is great for dogs, too much of it can cause hypervitaminosis A. According to the National Animal Supplement Council, vitamin deficiency in dogs can cause deterioration of the muscles and weakness.

This causes your dog’s teeth and bones to deteriorate and lead to more serious issues down the line. With that said, you will have to feed your dog a whole lot of beef liver for this to actually happen. This is because dogs’ stomachs and bodies are built to handle organ meat, so as long as you don’t overfeed them, they should be fine.

What Other Types Of Liver Can I Feed My Dog?

Beef liver isn’t the only option for pet owners. You can find a lot of different animal livers and organ meats for sale. All of these are generally good choices for your dog as they are something they would likely consume in the wild.

With that said, accessibility is also an important factor you should consider. So, try to head to your local butcher shop or head online to find out the options available to you. From there, you can figure out what types of organ meats you can feed your dog.

Chicken livers are also a great option for dogs. In some areas, this might be the more accessible option, so it’s definitely worth considering if your local butcher sells chicken livers.

How Should I Serve Beef Liver To My Dog?

One unique way to serve beef liver to your dog is raw. In the wild, dogs eat raw meat, including organs. So, evolution has caused their stomachs and bodies to handle the meat and reap all the benefits. That means when you feed your dog raw liver, their stomach is built to process it and break it down to receive as many nutrients as possible.

And when you cook the beef liver, you can kill some of the nutrients. That’s why many dog owners switch their pets to raw beef liver. However, this might not be the best option for your pet.

There are many liver-based dog food recipes on the internet. However, one thing to remember is to keep it simple. While you can mix in different ingredients like barley to the liver, it’s best not to season the meat and simply boil it.


If you’re considering feeding your dog organ meat, beef liver is a great choice. And if you don’t have time to cook the meat yourself or give your dog fresh raw liver, then you give them freeze-dried and dried beef liver instead.

These treats have a much longer shelf life while still offering all the possible health benefits to your pet.

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