It is one of the basic facts of life – everybody ages. When considering aging, most people will naturally turn their thoughts to the financial aspects of living comfortably in retirement while neglecting something vital. Senior living often carries the potential for loss of independence, and it is independence and self-sufficiency that is a highly prized commodity in daily living.

Many people are opting to live at home longer and are not ready to move to a retirement village or nursing home. And many people of younger age are simply planning on “future-proofing” their lives in preparation for the coming years.

Have You Future-Proofed Your Home?

One of the greatest problems people face as they physically age is mobility or simply ease of movement. In places of higher density living, multi-level apartments and dwellings present the question of ease of accessibility to upstairs living and sleeping areas.

One development that has seen an increase in interest and popularity and interest in more recent years is the home lift – essentially the elevator lift’s domestic equivalent.

A range of options are now available on the private market, and a company like Terry Lifts provides a number of mobility solutions adapted for the home.

Modern-Day Home Mobility Solutions

It is a fact that with age comes the potential for physical conditions which can impair movement and mobility – arthritis, illness, or unforeseen accidents.

Bear in mind, however, that the decision to future-proof one’s home isn’t simply borne out of a concern of physical impairment. As people age, they also want the benefits of comfort and convenience in their homes.

What was once considered an extravagant luxury is now becoming affordable and accessible to the homeowner, providing practical benefits while adding value to your property.

Wheelchair Users & People With Reduced Mobility

For people who use wheelchairs or are reliant upon walkers, negotiating stairs – even when retro-fitted with stair-lifts – can be cumbersome and problematic. In such situations, a through-floor vertical home lift installation provides a convenient and practical solution. Similar to the home lift, the wheelchair lift is larger to accommodate a person in a wheelchair while still remaining compact and taking little space.

Access From Outside The House

In addition to upgrading the house interior, the access and ease of entry to a residence may also be problematic or simply inconvenient for people with reduced or impaired mobility.

A practical solution, particularly where available space prevents the installation of a ramp, is installing a step lift for easy and comfortable access.

For wheelchair users, a platform lift provides easy access while ensuring self-sufficiency.

Future Planning Ensures Future Comfort & Self-Sufficiency

Having spent a life in employment or devoted to raising a family, people tend to crave comfort, enjoyment universally, and a level of independence to permit them to live life as they want.

Part of a “future proofing” portfolio should include the upgrading and renovation of the family home to cater for that future comfort and peace of mind that comes with independence and self-sufficiency.

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