The police regard sex crime allegations very seriously, as they should. If someone complains following an alleged sexual assault, the authorities must investigate and charge the perpetrator if they feel that’s warranted. If you’re the accused, that will probably change your whole life.

If you didn’t commit the assault, or it didn’t happen like the complainant said, you must employ a robust defense strategy. Building a strong defense case for sex crime charges isn’t easy or simple, but you must do it with a lawyer’s help.

Even if you don’t get any jail time and you can prove you did nothing wrong, your lifestyle might change from that point forward. Let’s talk about how you might approach some situations differently from now on.

You Might Have Legal Documentation Before Sex

Some celebrities have their sexual partners sign legal documentation before any sex act. Those documents state that this person agrees they’re having sex willingly. That way, they can’t claim later the famous person forced them.

You might do the same thing. It’s not exactly romantic, but that way, you can prove the other person consented. If you have that documentation, they can’t claim anything different.

You May Get An Acceptance Via Video

If you don’t have the person sign documentation, you might have them say via video on your phone that they consent. Most smartphones can take videos now, so that should only take a minute.

If you explain why you’re doing it, the person should have no problems. It should only take a moment, and then you can both get back into a romantic mood.

You Might Wait Before Having Sex

Maybe you feel that’s too extreme, and you won’t take those steps. Instead, you might simply wait before having sex.

If you meet someone via a dating app, through work, or at a bar, you might spend some time together, but you won’t engage in a sexual act quickly. You can wait till you know them better.

If they ask why, you can tell them about your previous experience. They should understand. If you wait and only have a sexual encounter when you know this person and trust them more, it makes a false accusation less likely.

You Might Not Combine Sex & Alcohol

Sometimes, a person has a consensual sexual encounter when they’ve consumed alcohol, but then they regret it later. They may claim the other person forced them if they feel embarrassed or ashamed.

You might avoid this by not having sexual encounters after consuming alcohol. If you’re sober, and the other person has likewise not consumed any alcohol or ingested any other drugs, you can feel sure you’re both agreeing and you’re absolutely having a consensual encounter.

Some of these lifestyle changes might seem extreme, but if you’ve ever had a false sexual assault allegation, you will probably agree that they make sense. You can take these steps going forward and avoid any other similar incidents.

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