Gaming has swiftly become a titan of the entertainment industry, regularly being compared to movies and music in terms of the amount of impact that it exerts, both culturally and economically. However, this doesn’t mean that everybody is on board, and many people still see games as something of a childish distraction from the events of the real world. This is something that people who play games will obviously contest, and many see gaming as a valid hobby and outlet, one that you might be curious to try if you haven’t already.

However, to someone who is new to gaming and trying to find a good place to start, there can seem to be a nearly unlimited number of options to choose from, making it quite the ordeal. The big blockbuster titles are likely what fills your vision of the landscape, with fears of high costs and necessary equipment clouding any sense of enjoyment that you might get out of this experience. The good news is that this absolutely does not have to be the case – you have many means at your disposal to access games, with some of these being ways that you’ll likely find incredibly convenient.

Right There In Your Pocket

Getting into games doesn’t have to be a giant quest that sees you comparing prices of various consoles, researching which games you might like and taking a plunge on a huge investment – especially if you’re completely unsure that you’ll even like it. Another good place to start is simply by perusing the options available to you on your smartphone. Regardless of the quality of your phone, there’s a good chance that you’ll be able to access a good number of games through the app store, even if you worry your phone is too outdated to handle some of the newer games.

This isn’t your only available route, however, and there are even more ways in which your phone could be a valuable gaming asset.

Electronic Isn’t The Only Way To Go

Gaming has become synonymous with electronics in recent years, mostly due to that being where the money is and what most people tend to be referring to when talking about the subject. However, that doesn’t mean that electronic games are your only option when considering what you could do with your time. There are several examples of non-electronic games that people enjoy, including various card games, but one example that comes up regularly is that of Dungeons and Dragons.

While the name might be somewhat off-putting to you, it’s an activity that you can enjoy with friends and, if you find yourself isolated by the pandemic, via online video chat services.

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