Now and then, we hear a story of someone scammed and losing money when playing at online casinos. Yes, there are illegal operations, but this should not put anyone off. Most sites are legal and safe and want you to have a good experience. It’s easy to pick out those that are legitimate and use licensed software. Recently the new online casinos Australia 2022 no deposit has been launched, which has become Aussies’ favorite casino game. The best part about this game is that one can enjoy free bonuses without the worries of making any deposits.

In Norway, an online casino must register with the state-controlled company, Norsk Tipping, and ensure all software used is licensed and of high quality. There is an issue with sites outside of Norway that allow Norwegian punters to play on their sites. These sites aren’t authorized by the Norwegian government, so gamers need to be careful when choosing a casino.

The Conundrum

How do you make sure that you have protection and that the games you’re playing are legitimate?

Benjamin Reppersen, a computer scientist with more than six years of experience in information technology development, strives to improve the gameplay and make it easier for players to find the information they need, as well as to choose a casino that offers exclusive gratis spinn. He says the gaming industry is exciting and constantly evolving.

Because of this growth, we have many new operations coming onto the market, but not all are legitimate. Here are some points to look out for when accessing an online casino.

Does The Casino Have A Valid License?

The first task is to see if it is a licensed casino. The details are usually at the bottom of the page, where there’ll be a license number with a hyperlink to an official website.

If the link takes you to the company’s site, it’s legitimate. You can also ask the help centre to forward that information to you if you cannot find a number.

Legitimate casinos will use original games from reputable providers.


Casinos can’t change the Return to Player (RTP) rate because the original products are located on the Manufacturers’ servers. To see if a game is valid, open up the same game at several sites and check if the RTP rate is the same. If not, consider closing your account.

You can compare their paytables the same way. If the payouts are different, it’s a sign it’s not a legal game.

Identifying Non-Licensed Casinos

Gambling institutions using fake games aren’t licensed or regulated by any independent organization and are the leading cause of online casino scams. These sites will create their own games, which may be original or a rip-off of well-known brands. The fake casino sets the algorithms and Random Number Generator (RNG), which aren’t monitored or verified.

Independent organizations test licensed establishments. Because of this, legitimate operations cannot manipulate the RNG or make any other changes to the games. This is one more reason to choose a licensed casino.

Test The Games

Here are some simple tests to see if the software is authentic:

  • If you’ve played the game before, make sure the rules are the same. If not, that should be a clue that it’s not original.
  • Bad graphics or glitches are another telltale sign of a fake game. Top-quality designers would not let this pass, and even retro graphics will be crisp and fluid.
  • A sure sign that something is amiss is when games from various providers are on the same server. More tech-savvy gamers can explore things like servers and source codes.
  • Each software developer has its own server. This will tell you if the game is legitimate and will protect you from fake gambling.

Once again, stay with licensed casinos, and you will be safe.

Security Measures

Scam websites usually have no security measures in place. Legal operations today use various security measures and SSL encryption, which means that they can protect your financial and personal data. They also work with safe banking options. A padlock sign at the bottom of the page is evidence of this.

Read Reviews

One of the best ways to find out if an online casino and the games are safe is to read customer reviews. Independent review sites are also helpful. Some have a section with blacklisted casinos to avoid, while other sites only publish safe operations, making it easier to choose a trusted source.

Safe Providers

Play games from reputable software providers. Many reputable developers supply games to leading casinos worldwide, are licensed, and have hundreds of popular games to their credit.

A Final Word

It may feel daunting to the novice gambler when starting, but online gaming one of the safest industries around. Reputable casinos want you to have a fun experience and only use games from licensed, reputable developers and suppliers. Choose licensed casinos with SSL encryption, and enjoy the excitement of online gaming.

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