Are you looking forward to spying WhatsApp in terms of activities like messages, chats conversations and plenty of others alike? Moreover, you want to monitor social networking without the target person knowing. Today I am going to tell you, you can get the job done but you have to learn the best and easiest way to monitor social apps without giving a clue to the target person. There are plenty of ways to snoop on the social messaging app.

It seems very easy, but practically it is a very tough job to get it done. People that have skills and technical information regarding hacking or surveillance could do it, but still, it demands a lot of concentration to monitor someone’s social media app secretly. On the other side, an ordinary person that doesn’t have any kind of technical skills he/she must go for the software and programs that empower them to track instant messenger without them knowing. Let’s get to know about the following mentioned methods that help you out.

The very first and ultimate step is to learn about IT, secondly get to know how to exploit the particular instant messaging app web and last but not least using WhatsApp spy app software.

Why To Spy WhatsApp Without Them Knowing?

The logic behind doing surveillance on social media apps consists of plenty of reasons such as digital parenting, business protection and many more. Parents want to know why children are obsessed with the instant messaging app and on the other hand, employers want to monitor employee’s activities without knowing on business owned cellphones. These are the groups of people who desperately looking forward to seeing activities on the instant messenger. Parents don’t want to let online predators trap teens online and business owners don’t want to share business secrets via the social messaging app. Now the question arises on how to get the technological tool to get the job done.

How To Get WhatsApp Monitoring Software?

When you have decided to use spying tools to track instant messaging apps without them knowing then you must have a kind of tool that delivers you information related to the social app. Therefore, I am here to guide the best mobile tracking app. You can get it from the web within no time. Let’s discuss how you can get your hands following a couple of steps.

First Step: Get The License Visiting The Web On Your Phone

Go to your pocket and pick up your cell phone connected to the internet. Moreover, use the browser and find out the webpage of mobile surveillance software. So, get the license according to the operating system of the target cellphone active with WhatsApp messenger. You will receive an instant email after you have got the subscription which provides you the credentials.

Second Step: Get The Target Cellphone Into Your Hands

Now take the target device in your hands one way or the other, it is compulsory, because you need to start the installation process. Furthermore, complete the process successfully and end up with the process of activation.

Third Step: Get Credentials & Use It To Activate The Dashboard

Now you can activate your web control panel using the credentials that you have got via email at the time you got your license. Furthermore, use the tools that enable you to track the WhatsApp social messaging app without them knowing.

Use WhatsApp Tracking App Features To Spy On Instant Messenger

All the tools that we are going to discuss briefly in the following are functions that you can use via an online dashboard of the cell phone surveillance software.

Remote Screenshots

You can make screenshots on the target device screen at the time when the target mobile user is using WhatsApp. You can set and send multiple screenshots commands using an online dashboard. The moment the target person starts using a social media app it starts capturing screenshots and sends it to the web portal.

Live Screen Recorder App

End-user can track the target mobile device remotely and instantly and allow you to do live screen recording on the target cellphone screen. You can record plenty of short videos of the screen active with social networking app. Furthermore, check the dashboard where you can see all the live recorded videos and get to know about activities without them knowing.

IM’s Logs

User can navigate the dashboard and get access to the features where you can tap on the instant messaging logs. It certainly provides you the instant logs in terms of messages, chats, multimedia, audio-video calls and Voice messages with a complete time stamp.


Cell phone spy software is the best tool for users that is packed with powerful features that function rapidly to get you the results and even you can spy on WhatsApp to the fullest.

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