Parental controls on Netflix are essential for safeguarding your kids’ viewing experiences. So, this ultimate guide provides a simple, step-by-step approach to customizing viewing options, ensuring a safe and age-appropriate environment for family streaming.

Let’s dive in and set up a safer Netflix experience together!

How Dangerous Is Netflix?

Before getting straight to setting up parental controls on Netflix, it’s essential first to understand how dangerous Netflix can be, especially for families and kids.

With a plethora of content at their fingertips, children may inadvertently encounter material that’s not age-appropriate. This exposure can range from movies and shows with mature themes to uncensored language and imagery.

Additionally, excessive screen time, a common issue with engaging platforms like Netflix, can lead to negative effects on physical health, sleep patterns, and social interactions.

Furthermore, the interactive elements of Netflix’s gaming options present potential risks, such as exposure to inappropriate online interactions.

Therefore, it’s crucial for parents to be aware and proactive in managing their family’s Netflix usage.

Now, let’s learn how to restrict Netflix for the safety of your kids and your family.

How To Restrict Netflix For Your Kids & Families?

As a parent or guardian, it’s important to take control of what your family can access on Netflix.

Here’s how you can restrict Netflix content using your account:

  1. First of all, log in to your Netflix account, and on the main interface, hit the Manage Profiles button.
  2. Now, choose which profile you want to set parental controls on Netflix and click on it.
  3. Here, you can scroll down and hit the Edit button under Maturity Settings.
  4. Now, you can set the Maturity Rating for that account, or you can directly set it as a Kid’s Profile, restricting all the mature content.
  5. Besides, you can also set the Title Restrictions if you are willing to.
  6. Lastly, hit the Save button, and you are all done.

That’s the quickest way to set parental control on Netflix. However, there are some additional safety measures that might be beneficial for you and your family.

Let’s discuss them in detail.

Additional Safety Measures

Alongside Netflix’s parental controls, additional tools like FlexiSPY or FlexiSPY alternatives such as mSpy. mSpy offers a comprehensive solution for monitoring your kids’ online activity. mSpy is a versatile app that provides real-time insights into your children’s digital world, ensuring their safety in an increasingly connected environment.

Key features include:

  • GPS Tracking: Know your child’s whereabouts with accurate GPS tracking.
  • Monitor Social Media: Keep an eye on your kids’ interactions on popular social media platforms.
  • Check Call Logs and Text Messages: Review who they’re talking to and what’s being discussed.
  • Internet Usage Monitoring: Stay informed about the websites and content they’re accessing online.
  • Geofencing Alerts: Get alerts when your child enters or leaves a designated area.

These features of mSpy enable parents to not only supervise their children’s Netflix usage but also provide a broader overview of their online activities, contributing to a safer digital environment for kids.

It’s a proactive approach to digital parenting, ensuring peace of mind in an era where children are constantly online.


To sum up, implementing parental control on Netflix is key to a safe viewing experience for our kids. It’s about striking the right balance – allowing freedom while protecting from the digital world’s pitfalls.

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