As a lifetime investment, a dental implant can improve your looks, restore your facial shape, prevent speech loss, and boost your confidence. However, certain day-to-day activities can put the success rate of your implant at risk. If not addressed quickly and efficiently, they may have dire consequences. In particular, all full mouth dental implants require great care. Here are the top things to do if you experience a tooth implant emergency.

Types Of Emergencies

Two common types of emergencies can put your implants at heightened risk: trauma and infections.

If you get involved in a car accident, your dental implants might get damaged. And this can be extremely painful and devastating.

Infections can quickly spread and damage your implants. In case you experience consistent inflammation and bleeding after recovery, you could be having peri-implantitis. This is a dangerous condition that requires urgent medical attention. If you experience such symptoms, contact your dentist immediately.

How To Respond

Dental implants are very expensive. And you want them to last forever, right? In case of an emergency, be sure to contact your dentist immediately. Doctors are trained to safeguard their patients’ health. As such, they’ll do anything possible to keep you safe. They’ll give you the necessary medical help and ensure that your implants last forever.

Tips To Consider

Here are common tips to consider during a dental implant emergency. They’ll help you stay calm as you wait for your dentist.

Avoid Triggers

Avoid common triggers. At this point, you don’t want to cause further damage. Eating crunchy and sticky foodstuffs can result in extensive damage. Wait until you’re fully healed before you can start eating such foods.

Take Painkillers

Take some painkillers first. Your doctor might not attend to you immediately. If you’re experiencing too much pain, consider taking Ibuprofen or Tylenol to relieve it. This will keep you relaxed until your appointment date.

Brush Regularly

Strive to keep your teeth clean. Keep brushing and flossing. This will assist in staving off bacteria and protecting the damaged implants. Even if it’s an emergency, you should still try to safeguard the remains of your damaged implants.

Visit Your Dentist

Are you experiencing an emergency? Is there anything wrong with your implants? If so, then be quick to contact your dentist. They’ll help fix the issue and restore your smile. Many dentists offer reliable services. Simply go online and do some research. You should be able to get an experienced doctor within a few minutes.

You’ll come across companies that provide same-day implants, as well as, other superior dental services. Contact them and discuss the way forward.

The Bottom-Line

Dental emergencies, especially those relating to tooth implants, are serious health issues. They require attention. Acting quickly will protect your implants from further damage. Thus, if you experience any dental implant emergency, act quickly. Whether it’s trauma from accidents or infections, consider taking the above steps to save your dental implants. 

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