The bathroom is an important but often overlooked room in the house. It can sometimes be neglected as a purely practical space, but it is often one of the busiest rooms of the house for families. What people do not consider is how the bathroom appears to guests when they come over or the possibility of using the bathroom as somewhere to relax after a long day. Whether you are hoping to breathe new life into your bathroom or have just moved into a new property, this guide outlines how to refresh a dingy and dated bathroom without a full renovation.

Cleanliness & Hygiene

Before you begin any renovation or decoration, your first job is to ensure the bathroom is clean. If you have an extractor fan to remove moisture from the bathroom, it should be cleared out and functioning. If you have a window, clean the glass and any mold which has built up around the seals or the windowsill. Drains should be cleared, and if it has been a long time since they have been cleaned, a professional drain cleaning company should be called.

Upgrade Your Mirror

The mirror in your bathroom is the perfect opportunity to add a focal point and create the illusion of space in a small room. With the correct placement of a mirror, i.e., opposite a window where it can reflect light back into the room, you can lift a dark space and make it light and airy. Modern bathroom mirrors can also include functional gadgets like clocks, lights, and Bluetooth functionality so you can play music from your smartphone while you are getting ready in the morning.

Invest In A Heated Towel Rail

If you have a bathroom radiator that you are hanging your towels on, consider investing in a heated towel rail. These rails are compact in size, add extra heat into the room, dry wet towels, and keep dry towels toasty warm ready for when you need them.

Replace Broken Or Dated Tiles

Old, dirty, and broken tiles will not only make a bathroom look unattractive but can also lead to leaks and trapped water, which will damage your walls and flooring. Even if you do not want to replace tiles, grouting in between the tiles can become discolored and will gradually disintegrate, so grinding out old grout and refilling the gaps could give it a lift.

Refresh Or Remove Wooden Features

Wooden features in the bathroom might look good at first, but over time they can become discolored, warped, and chipped because of the water, soap, and steam. Replace old wood with new wooden elements that have been treated for water resistance or swap them out for ceramic or plastic pieces.

Choose A Light Color Palette

Repainting the walls is a quick and effective way to update the look of the whole room. Bathrooms tend to be small, so it is best to opt for a lighter color palette, which makes the room appear brighter (as it will reflect light) and cleaner and will show up mold much sooner.

Add Some Finishing Touches

You do not want your bathroom to appear clinical and bland, so be sure to add some personal finishing touches that will put your stamp on it. Choose some towels which are bright in color as well as shelves, robe hooks, towel rails, shower curtain, bathmat, and a toilet roll holder. Plants which do well in bathrooms, artwork, candles, and family photos which are protected from water damage will make your bathroom a part of your family home.

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