Very often, pets cross the line and can behave inappropriately. This can manifest itself in the destruction of interior items, urinating on your pillow, or other pranks. But should your pet be beaten for such an offense? How to properly punish pets? Let’s consider the correct algorithm of actions so as not to injure your animal mentally and physically.

Correct Your Pet’s Behavior

Punishment for wrongdoing is okay. But you should use the right strategy. Use special words and intonations so that your dog, cat, or other animal understands what is doing something wrong. It does not work the same with all pets. Iguanas, turtles, or hamsters are not as intelligent as cats and dogs.

That is why all further tips are typical for the last two types of pets. Chances are, your pet is doing something unintentionally. But you need to react immediately to wrongdoing so that a cat or dog has a link between wrongdoing and punishment.

Remove Your Attention

This is one of the most appropriate punishment options if you want your pet to understand his own wrongdoing. For example, your dog refuses to follow your command. Pick a special word and say it. After that, you should switch your attention to any other activity. The fact is that dogs are very sociable pets.

They experience significant discomfort if they are not given attention. If you react to the animal’s misconduct immediately, it will be better than any blow or shout. The same is true for some cat breeds. If your pet is behaving well, then you can pamper him or her with delicacies. But you’ll need to read the unbiased cat food reviews to find the best one.

Avoid Giving Attention To Bad Behavior

Sometimes the lack of attention to misbehavior is also a punishment. For example, your dog may need any attention. Let’s say there was a knock on your door. Your pet was not ready for this and barked loudly.

If you shouted at an animal, then this is a kind of attention. Try not to react to the dog barking when the doorbell rings, and you will see that such incidents will stop after 3-5 repetitions. Animals are smarter than we think, and they won’t do things that don’t get your attention.

Do Not Raise Your Voice Or Hit The Pet

The punishment (correct reaction) for misbehavior is not a shout or a blow. Animals cannot determine what you are punishing them for. You don’t need to apply moral pressure or physical force. This will only teach your dog or cat to be afraid of you. You need to use all of the above tips and find the right timing. React to a pet’s prank within the first 30 seconds, and he or she will understand the causal relationship.

The main disadvantage of yelling or hitting is that it will only make the situation worse. For example, you may have a small kitten or puppy in your house. Pets may not always be able to control urination at an early age. If you hit a cat or dog, they may repeat the same thing in a different place.

Cats can also sometimes pee on the owner’s bed or personal items to make friends. In this way, they try to share their scent and gain your favor. Your screaming will only make the situation worse. Try to stop moral pressure on the animal, but make it clear that it is wrong with intonation.

Figure Out What’s Causing Your Pet’s Bad Behavior

Generally, the reason for a dog’s bad behavior is a desire for attention. Your dog might be chewing on the couch due to separation from you. This is why you always need to look for the cause of bad behavior. Perhaps you should walk the dog more. This will allow you to spend your energy on the street. You should remember that the punishment must not injure the animal.

Your goal is to show that your dog or cat is doing something wrong. If your dog loves to bite your hand while playing, then this is a reason to stop. It is best to show that you are in pain and start ignoring the pet for a while. Dogs (and sometimes cats) understand this message well.) As a rule, 2-3 repetitions will be enough for your pet to understand the mistake.

Remove Triggers For Bad Behavior

Many triggers affect your pet’s behavior. It could be a postman or a passing car outside the window. Try to protect your dog or another animal from these triggers. Close the window or let the dog out into the backyard before opening the door.

Also, your pet may react negatively to certain odors. For example, you should not smoke shisha in the house if the animal does not tolerate the tobacco smell. All these life hacks will allow you to control your pet’s behavior and avoid physical punishment.

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