Most businesses took a significant hit during the pandemic. You may have had to lose staff, close stores, or significantly reduce your overheads merely to survive two years of uncertainty. With the pandemic receding and the world excited to return to some semblance of normality, now is the time to plot your course to post-pandemic recovery. If your business is looking to grow in 2022, this guide will help you understand some of the key steps you ought to take to secure that sustained and sustainable growth.

Grow Your Team

Whether or not you reduced the size of your team during the pandemic, now is the time to consider expanding your human resources with professional HR services and solutions, if required. More hands on deck inevitably means more tasks completed—including tasks such as sales and marketing, which directly affect how many sales you make each month.

If you want to be cautious in your hiring process, why not hire temporary or part-time workers for the time being, before making the best of these permanent when you’re sure that you’re generating enough income to justify more full-time workers. Another option is to outsource, which means you won’t grow your team, but you’ll make use of the skills within agencies that can help you drum up more sales and expand your business in 2022. Additionally, partnering with the best PEO companies can provide you with access to a wide range of HR services and expertise, ensuring that you have the right support to manage your expanding workforce effectively.

Increase Your Sales

A focus on sales is how you’ll power your post-pandemic recovery. You’ll need the personnel to help facilitate and deliver upon those sales, but the sales themselves are the most important component of your future growth. No stone should be left unturned in your search for more sales, including partnering with telesales UK professionals who’ll help you direct your sales efforts to the personal or business phones of important potential clients and customers.

Elsewhere, you can hit the streets with a sales team in your local area, or start pushing sales online, through the likes of social media or email marketing messages. Build up the skills in your sales team, and draw up a coherent strategy, in order to start generating those all-important sales that’ll help you profit in the wake of the pandemic.

Enter New Markets

Another strategy that could power your post-pandemic growth is to consider turning to new markets in the wake of the pandemic. If you only tend to make sales in Europe and North America, could you expand to other markets that might be just as interested in your offerings? Could you target consumers in South American, Middle Eastern, or Asian markets?

To test these questions, you’ll need to think about delivery fees and shipping partners. You may need to hire translators or language specialists. You may also require a local partner or even an office in the new markets you’re penetrating. This strategy is a little risky, so it’s worth doing your market research before taking the plunge. With risk comes reward—powering your post-pandemic recovery through a more international client base.

Recover swiftly from the ravages of the pandemic with the advice shared above, which should help any business grow sustainably in the coming year.

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